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Created by - luminou
luminou Jul 20 @ 9:57am 
@ben-bj: sorry for the late response, i am busy at the moment! but I haven't forgotten you ; )
Always open to the study of new project, please contact me via to see what we can do together
ben-bj Jul 15 @ 8:00am 
Hey luminou, first of all, your assets are perfect, the best of the best.

I'm searching for a designer for my dream assets so maybe you are interested?

Best regards

Hanse1520 from Hamburg, Germany
luminou Jun 13 @ 10:37pm 
@2005 Dodge Neon: contact me in private: , we will see what we can do together ; )
2005 Dodge Neon Jun 13 @ 6:17pm 
Luminou, I have been aiming to create a seaside city in Cities: Skylines, but I can't find a single building on the workshop from my favorite city in the world, San Diego! Could I commission a building or two from San Diego? Of course, I'd be happy to pay you for your service if you decide that's something you want to do.
FCK LPG+ FCK VOLVO May 25 @ 3:02am 
Good job man!
Gothikel Apr 2 @ 12:34am 
Thank you - will try! Please continue to make your awesome assets!