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Sometime...life is harsh. it depends of the situation you're in. Losing a friend, a family member, feeling very sad, and so on. But if those moments in life tries to crush you down, don't let it...don't let it crush your dreams. I'm sure you have a big dream you wish to become reality, right? If so, get up, and fight back to make it happening! Get up and fight back to advance in this world purged by the wicked and show them that you're are different than them!
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Welcome to my profile!
About me: Hello there! i'm your average/mediocre player around. The gamer that play games casually and not competitive, since i lack some skills for that. Game wise, i play TF2, Terraria [Especially Modded.] and Doom Eternal. Some other mentions are Shantae, A Hat in Time etc...

About friend requests: I mostly don't take random friend requests. Plus I make some research before if in case you had made suspicious actions. mostly about scamming, because a lot of people were trying to scam my collection I have in TF2. [As you can see in the item showcase, no flex intended.]

About Trading: I'm a collector in TF2. So yeah...they're not for sale [Until I decide otherwise or quit TF2.]. I will mostly buy items that have value or have effect that intrigued me a lot, mostly Halloween effects. So sorry if you were here to buy an item from me, but I won't sell them, not even a Golden pan will budge me.
✪ Inzo Apr 26 @ 1:10am 
Hey I thought id comment this I was wondering if you would be interestred in a 1of3 Frostbite Hustlers Hallmark if so please add me
Core Apr 18 @ 3:24pm 
when your favorite manga get an anime adaptation and then get ruined by amongus jokes
Spy gaming Apr 17 @ 2:35pm 
Spy gaming
|JNA| `LukA Apr 4 @ 12:40pm 
Sure ;)
⛧Poisonous⛧ Apr 4 @ 12:30pm 
sure buddy, it's not like you began to scope only once someone scope. but even that, you failed harshly.
maybe better luck next time.
|JNA| `LukA Apr 4 @ 12:23pm 
Good player, but sadly 2nd scooper ^^