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Welcome to my profile!
About me: Hello there! i'm your average/mediocre player around. The gamer that play games casually and not competitive, since i lack some skills for that. Game wise, i play TF2, Terraria [Especially Modded.] and Doom Eternal. Some other mentions are Shantae, A Hat in Time etc...

About friend requests: I mostly don't take random friend requests. Plus I make some research before if in case you had made suspicious actions. mostly about scamming, because a lot of people were trying to scam my collection I have in TF2. [As you can see in the item showcase, no flex intended.]

About Trading: I'm a collector in TF2. So yeah...they're not for sale [Until I decide otherwise or quit TF2.]. I will mostly buy items that have value or have effect that intrigued me a lot, mostly Halloween effects. So sorry if you were here to buy an item from me, but I won't sell them, not even a Golden pan will budge me. [Since for a while, i've stop buying things. I feel now that my backpack is pretty much filled with things I wanted. So for now, i ain't seeking much. but it doesn't mean I'll stop buying forever.]
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Some screen about Specialized & Professional Effects
B R O W N T O W N Jul 27 @ 2:11pm 
Added to discuss your Nebula Universal Translator.
Ancientpear Jun 7 @ 2:00pm 
Added about your offer :)
Vege Jun 1 @ 3:36pm 
Hey, added you to confirm your purchase of a Haunted Phantasm Taunt: Skullcracker, to help update its price in this suggestion: https://backpack.tf/suggestion/6254dc589f5d623c8850ed85
Furious_coder Buying w/680k Apr 28 @ 9:32am 
Added about a possible trade i got clean scorching hazmat that may interests you
sellingshit#0388 Apr 22 @ 11:57am 
Ty brother! Accepted, hope you enjoy it! Have a dope day
sent trade offer for Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Rocket Launcher