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Welcome to my profile!
About me: Hello there! i'm your average/mediocre player around. The gamer that play games casually and not competitive, since i lack some skills for that. Game wise, i play TF2, Terraria [Especially Modded.] and Doom Eternal. Some other mentions are Shantae, A Hat in Time etc...

About friend requests: I mostly don't take random friend requests. Plus I make some research before if in case you had made suspicious actions. mostly about scamming, because a lot of people were trying to scam my collection I have in TF2.

About Trading: I'm a collector in TF2. So yeah...they're not for sale [Until I decide otherwise or quit TF2.]. I will mostly buy items that have value or have effect that intrigued me a lot, mostly Halloween effects. So sorry if you were here to buy an item from me, but I won't sell them, not even a Golden pan will budge me. [Edit: I've now stopped buying and trading for a while. Put it simply as me ending my trading career. I will no longer buy anything and thus...this inventory, this collection is final. It's been a journey, but now it's about time for me to put this aside and move on.]

P.S. : I've received info that some bad actors are beginning to impersonate me. Please and i say PLEASE use CAUTION. If someone pretends to be me and adds you for any reasons, check anything that could give hints of an impersonator. If the Inventory is private or he has barely any items/hours on any games, ignore and block them. My inventory is always set to public. I'm always a man of my words, if I'm going to buy something, I'll always pay the amount fair&square. I'll never send any shady links or use 3rd party websites to check item legitimacy, use discord to contact you or any scammer bull crap. So again, be warned of impersonators that tries to steal from you.
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IMPERIO ESPAÑOL Nov 25 @ 4:52pm 
add for big trade
Modelonthefront Nov 8 @ 7:18am 
there is another impersonator's profile of you
Core Oct 30 @ 9:35am 
we love leaf
Manny Pardo Oct 30 @ 12:16am 
How the migthy have fallen. Sinking lower then a femboy.
lordoftoco Oct 29 @ 5:38pm 
Damn life lover.
💜Femboy Leaf Lover💜 Oct 24 @ 3:34pm 
idk i woke up the morning and found his account deleted, i guess enough reports were made against him.