Adam Jensen 007
Call me Jensen, Adam Jensen
Plz comment before adding, I may not accept (Scamming Links= insta block! Do Not Just ask others to help you, see how you can help them as well
769 PG on Steam (Inactive/Retired achievement hunter)
Have an awesome day
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Adam Jensen 007 made by opl ❍_❍ veccy
179 73 22
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Best friends on Steam:

Inventory is Friend's only for now. If you want to trade, you can add me (Please comment)

My Rules for Trading:
-1) 1:1 same game it fine (as long as I don't get any duplicates)
-2) I trade between sets as well. The Rule is we swap half sets. What Do I mean?
Let's say we both own and have cards for Game A and Game B.
A Badge for game B could have 8 cards.
A Badge for game A could have 6 cards
From idling the game for cards we get 3 cards for Game A and 4 cards for Game B
You give me cards for Game A and I Give you cards for Game B. This way we both get a badge each.

As long as price difference is not too high, we can trade like this.

Keys for Trade:
Nalogi-300 gems
12 labours of hercules I
12 labours of hercules II
12 labours of hercules III
12 labours of hercules IV
12 labours of hercules V
Frankenstein Master of death
Layers of Fear-2000 gems

Wanted games: Kingdom rush origins

Extra boosters:
The Note

csgo to gem conversion

1:1 bot

1500th game collected: Quake Champions Free Access

trash dump

I accept Trades from different Sets also (The rule is we swap sets)
Extra sets:
-Absconding Zatwor
-Last hope
-brave new world
-fiends of imprisonement
-Civ 5
-Wolf Simulator
-reset 1-1
shake your money booster
-rise of the ancients

sets i have not completed but i have extra cards for:

castle werewolf
bedlam i have to trade
Commando Jack
Brain my head
Agent Awesome
Castle Werewolf 3 cards avilable
refunct 3 cards
The 39 Steps 2 extra
brain in my head 3
Normality 2 sets avialable (ask for the boosters)
The Pasture 3 cards left
snake party 1 card left
Laraan 4 out of 5 cards

Melissa K
Other worlds India 1 full badge but doubles have to be traded
Some information
This Profile is a Tribute to Adam Jensen (Deus ex Human Revolution Hero). He is the most inspiring character which I know of (I am straight :yuukismile:)
Artwork made by opl ❍_❍ veccy

Profile BG? Devil costume

Do you care about Achievements? Yes, I care about Achievements
What Games do you play? I generally play short casual games.
Achievement hunting is about fun for me and a hobby.
Do you care about Gamer Score points? No. I play the games that I like non-competitively.
Do you care about discord? No
Vocab of the day: venust means elegant and beautiful I guess it comes from venus

For Full list of easy games feel free to see my guide. I included the ones on the list that were either very easy or I enjoyed the most :golden: :thumbsupcell:
:golden: 1) Borderlands 2 (First Perfect Games!) :orb::borderlands2::bandit:
:golden: 4) Fall Out New Vegas (One of the best games)
:golden: 5) Carpie Diem
:golden: 6) Written in the sky
:golden: 10) Deus Ex Human Revolution :jcdenton::jcdenton:
:golden: 22) Beach Bounce :minek: :minek:
:golden: 50) Club Life :clubheart: :clubheart: :melissabust:
:golden: 55) It's spring again.
:golden: 100) Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's cut :jcdenton::jcdenton:
:golden: -135) Detective Butler
:golden: -136) Enigmatis 2
:golden: -137) Enigmatis 3
:golden: -200) ElectricScribe
:golden: -201) Achievement Hunter extreme
:golden: -250) Summer Fling
:golden: -300) Bloodfeed
:golden: -400) Civilization 5
:golden: -450) Kingdom Rush
:golden: -500) Kingdom Rush Frontiers (May 17, 2018)
:golden: -555) Plants vs. Zombies (July 22, 2018)
:golden: -600) Bioshock Infinite (Sept 15, 2018) :jcdenton:
:golden: -700) Age of Empires II (Feb 13, 2019) :AOEShield:
April 19, 2018= 500,000 achievements
May 10, 2018= 600, 000 achievements
June 08, 2018= 700,000 achievements
99% completion rate June 19, 2018
July 20th, 2018= 800,000 achievements and 550 perfect games (Trivia Vault: Soccer Trivia)
November 8, 2018 1 Million Steam achievements reached! :golden: :golden:
Dec 16th: 2000 games Warhammer Endtimes
Jan 30,2020: 750 Perfect Game Trivia Vault Movie
To do games (way too busy now)
-sweet fantasy, three nights at the cairo
-Borderlands presequel
-Viki Spotter series
-Kingdom rush origins
-ancient planet TD
-rollingball series
-infested planet or one troll army
-telepathy zero
-alien shooter TD
-regina hope
-epic big bang
Favorite Guide
Created by - Adam Jensen 007
961 ratings
This guide will focus on:
-1) Games with easy achievements
-2) Medium games that you can achieve and enjoy
-3) Games to avoid with broken achievements or just unfair!
I will mention other topics and will update this guide
I have also added game
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Darius would be Proud. I 100%ed Civ 5
86 29 5
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Grand Colossal Persia is a massively overpowered custom Civ, built at the request of @Adam Jensen 007. Its primary usage is to play against other overpowered Deity AIs, such as the Halloween, Reaper, and Master PC Race Civiliza
Created by - S-Man
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The Best Dark Souls Experience on Steam!
The first level you are thrown into an epic boss fight which you barely survive
After that event, you get captured as a prisoner and have to escape from the dragon (similar to Skyrim)
Just when you thought you were safe, you get ambushed by a group of bandits
The combat system is truly unique probably as good as Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor,
There are 3 different classes (Mage, archer or warrior)
The game is nonstop action as you are forced to think on your feet.
I have to warn you though neither of these classes can take out the final boss as he is probably harder than a D-soul boss.

Nah mate, 5000 achievements are the only reason to buy this game as achievement spamming games are being removed
FYI: The review was meant as a joke so I hope you share my sense of humour.
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Adam Jensen Deus Ex Fan Club
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