GhostyOsty (FISH GOD)
Riley   Australia
Sup, my name's GhostyOsty' and today ill teach you how to become a fish citizen! :D

FAVOURITE TF2 CLASS: Offensive: Solli
Defencive: Engi
Support: Medic

FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Cooking & Science

FAVOURITE GAME(TOP 3) 1, Team Fortress 2
2. Terraria
3. Cuphead/Dark souls 2017 (XBOX ONE)

That's my summary about me!

If your still reading this, have a great day! :steamhappy:
My engi set in the Profile Pic:
Bubbling Mining Light
Pocket purrer

Nuke a peru Jul 18 @ 12:44pm 
thenks fro helping me, you literally saved my tf2 :steammocking::steamhappy:
GhostyOsty (FISH GOD) Jul 13 @ 11:00pm 
Thanks :D
Mechawreck Jul 13 @ 10:54pm 
Now this guy has good taste in fashion.
Funkrat Jul 12 @ 5:38am 
reed mai profeel ok lol.
GhostyOsty (FISH GOD) Jul 12 @ 5:15am 
Who are u
Funkrat Jul 12 @ 4:17am