hoes mad ˣ²⁴   New Zealand
The names Skooma :md_potion:
kudos to Patches for the pfp

I sometimes mic spam, SO

If we're ever in the same match that i happen to be spamming,
Feel free to send me a request, i'll play anything ya want. :holo:

But if you vote to kick me,
Your bad. Learn to use the mute button.

hit me up on discord gaybois: skooma#4677

mic spamming gets me off.

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Skooma's my name
dont use it
or ill shank you in the prison showers
slight homo

trade me shit
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G u c c i
The bois:

Piano Man

Little Sis

The Laziest

Super Pro Sniper

Big Kaz

*yawns loudly*

Jew Boy

Bruh Moments

R J from over the hedge: your not that good of a demo

alzx: i, also am a certified poop ninja

*DEAD* alzx: not my nae nae rights

bptpanel: you cant aimbot with soldier

bok bok: h

patch: nigger

Lazy: I once almost blew up a microwave with some cheese

bok bok: CBT
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Selling all my tf2 stuff shit,

Spelled Shiz:
Stickybomb Launcher - Exorcism : 1 key
Rocket Launcher - Pumpkin Bombs + 1 part : 3 keys
Sandman - Exorcism + Spec Ks : 1 key + 10 ref

Other Shiz:
Shotgun - spec killstreak + 2 parts : 4 keys
Scotsman Skullcutter - named + pro ks + damascus s : 4 keys - only combo in existence
Shotgun - Spec ks + 2 parts : IDK

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Created by - Amox
49 ratings
An EZ guide on how to not get kicked in the game: Team Fortress 2
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67 Hours played
when you realize you can play the entire Shrek 1 movie over your mic

its worth the dosh
10/10 IGN
would earrape people again

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Retarded Dipshit 17 hours ago 
You can't do that, that's illegal
Roger Jul 21 @ 2:59am 
Nice artwork:)
Sims Jul 18 @ 6:50pm 
july isnt pride month anymore
Retarded Dipshit Jul 18 @ 2:03pm 
Creeper aww man
kawaii nigga Jul 18 @ 5:44am 
based and lolipilled
Amox Jul 17 @ 7:10am 
time to call the fbi on myself