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Posted: Aug 23, 2019 @ 10:53am

Hours of Content - Half-an-hour
Modding Support - None at all.
Sexual Content - Erotic poses and nudity.

Given the price of this title, I would normally take it easy on my review. But I feel as though this title isn't worth more than a buck. I'll talk about the things I like about this game, and then I'll go right-ahead and express what peeves me about this software.

Duel Girl is another lewd, connect-three game. You are presented with a screen full of colorful shapes, and the goal is to sort them so they make rows of three or more. Those rows disappear, and new shapes refill the screen. There's also an attractive lady on-screen. As you make (and remove) rows, their clothes steadily disappear. You have to complete the same stage three or four times to a fill up an "affection meter". When it reaches full capacity, you are rewarded with a lewd, animated picture.

Speaking of animation, every stage has an animated girl, and completing each stage yields another animated picture of that girl. I think that animated models are much more appealing to look at than static images, if they're done right. Problem being, I don't think the models in Duel Girl were. . . done right. While a few of them do look decent, I feel as though the movement in many cases is unnatural and jarring at times. Their bodies move as if they were made of gel, with no bones or muscles.

For some reason, the clothes seem to have a mind of their own. In a few animations, the girls bodies move, but the clothes don't move with them. It's as if they weren't really wearing them, and instead the clothes are decals on-screen. The girls seem to be cropped from the leg up, though that's me nitpicking. I would have liked to see more of the models' bodies, from the waist down.

It took me under twenty-minutes to unlock every scene and achievement in this game. There isn't much substance in here, and I feel as though there should have been more time put into the pre-existing material and additional content. I'm okay with generic connect-three games, as long as they bring good content and/or good gimmicks (like Mirror). There are no gimmicks or unique game-play here, just another unpolished lewd game.

While I don't recommend this title, I did have some fun while playing this game. But I don't see myself revisiting it very often, as I don't see much reason to.
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