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Posted: Nov 12, 2019 @ 9:41pm

Censorship - No censorship.
Hours of Content - An hour.
Modding Support - None at all.
Sexual Content - Erotic poses, nudity and insertion.

A pleasant surprise. First thing's first, yes this is another generic H-puzzle game. You have a board full of pieces, and you need to swip-swap 'em around to complete the picture. The pictures? Generic (though very attractive and well-drawn) anime girls. Upon completing a puzzle, you enter a rock-paper-scissors puzzle game. I don't think you can actually lose, but I have to say. . .

Strip-rock-paper-scissors is pretty fun, even if you can't actually lose.

The art is high-quality, and you can make it full-screen. I did experience a bug which forced me to redo the final puzzle, but it was no biggee. The interface works, and it looks nice. The art is really wonderful, and the "adult patch" installs without any hassle. Speaking of which, make sure you grab it from Steam.

No censorship. I was actually surprised to see all of the. . . bits in the detail they're in.

I purchased this game on sale. I'd say it's good enough to grab off-sale, for one USD. Heck, I'd say it's worth two USD. If you like generic H-puzzle games, want some quick H-related achievements, or just have a buck or two to burn, try this title out.
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