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Posted: May 28, 2019 @ 6:55pm

Hours of Content - About half an hour
Modding Support - None at all
Sexual Content - Nudity and erotic posing

I don't recommend this game. But given the price, playtime, and quality of art, I give this game a "thumbs up". As long as you get this game on sale, AND half-off. . . you can't go wrong.

The art is good. I really like it, and there's an uncensored patch readily available on Steam. This game is just your stereotypical "slider puzzle" game. There are ten stages total, and there's a gallery. Nothing complicated, and easy achievements if you know how to work a 3x3 slider puzzle.

But I have some complaints. For one, the game's short. Really short. I finished it in less than half-an-hour, and that's only because I forgot how Slider Puzzles work. The pictures look good, but they are dinky. I wish there was a way to see bigger versions of the art, whether in downloadable files or fullscreen-able in-game.

It's a nice game with nice art that's not worth more than half-a-USD. If it goes on sale and you got a few quarters, go for the buy. But save that dollar for another game.
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