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i am a avid anti-toxic mvm player who just plays for fun
Tali : you sound like you're 2 bad lobbies removed from killing yourself

Trade Offer

I collect Stately Steel Toes. Feel free to add me if you think I'd be interested, just comment please.

I'm not looking to sell any of my items, but if you really want them, this is the minimum you have to offer unless you want to get blocked:

Spectral Wick Gauzed Gaze 1200 keys
SBTWC Battle Boonie 1400 keys
Haunted Phantasm Jr El Jefe 900 keys
Harvest JuJu 500 keys
Cauldron sensei 1600 keys
Flies noh mercy 800 keys
Flies Stash 500 keys
Flies veil 700 keys
Green confetti stash 600 keys
Strange unique beggars 3500 keys
Pro KS conch 1000 keys
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Basement God of MvM
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A brief explanation of the philosophy and details of the One True & Honest Way to play Mann Up mode properly.

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ThePatriot(WarVeteran) 19 hours ago 
@Smelly aren't you a tacobot clown who queued with Flarez and said they were 'boring to play with' which is why you didn't care that you got kicked and now you're comparing him to a serial killer Ted Bundy? Who's side are you on?

You're on the of evil tacobot clowns that's what side you're on! And you were born AFTER 1999.
Smelly Dec 3 @ 11:57pm 
I mean Ted Bundy was nice to everyone too
Ahuman Dec 3 @ 9:16pm 
oops I read something that was on page 15 and didn't realize it was so old
Ahuman Dec 3 @ 9:15pm 
I like how Flarez is actually a decent person who is nice to everyone, and people give him ♥♥♥♥ for no reason.
Benroe2013 Dec 1 @ 9:07am 
Why do you want me to commit not alive anymore?
AssertiveGinger Nov 27 @ 5:08pm 
just adding to ask a question, feel free to ignore