cables from   Guam
"literal child with garbage hats and a garbage attitude"
-transgender mvm medic player

If you add me without commenting or sending a trade offer I will block you.

tips accepted for mvm carries
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Basement God of MvM
15 1
Two Cities

Tour 34- Sniper Rifle
Tour 83- Ambassador
Tour 86- Rocket Launcher (4 boxes)
Tour 97- Scattergun (4 boxes)
Tour 105- Rocket Launcher
Tour 111- Knife (4 boxes)
Tour 138- Scattergun
Tour 260- Axtinguisher---♥♥♥♥, but at least the streak ended
Tour 274- Grenade Launcher
Tour 287- Ambassador
Tour 289- Sniper Rifle
Tour 292- Medigun
Tour 297- Ambassador (4 boxes)
Tour 315- Sticky Launcher
Tour 348- Force-a-Nature (4 boxes)
Tour 365- Knife
Tour 400- Tomislav
Tour 435- Black Box
Tour 442- Force-a-Nature
Tour 467- Medi Gun (4 box)
Tour 252- Eyelander

Mecha Engine

Tour 4- Frontier Justice
Tour 19- Sniper Rifle
Tour 27- SMG
Tour 101- Eyelander (dropped immediately after 2C tour 274 grenade launcher)
Tour 118- Ambassador
Tour 162- Black Box (dropped immediately after 2C tour 248 force a nature)
Tour 199- Medigun
Tour 266- Frontier Justice
Tour 274- Minigun
Tour 292- Grenade Launcher
Tour 298- Tomislav
Tour 339- Rocket Launcher
Tour 374- Sniper Rifle

Gear Grinder
Tour 104- Flamethrower
Tour 134- Black Box
Tour 140- Tomislav
Tour 148- Flamethrower
Tour 165- Blutsauger
Tour 171- Minigun

Plus a force-a-nature i dont remember getting. Was around tour 1030 overall. On an unknown operation.

Decent KS kits (started counting tour 110)

111- Flare gun (fire horns / team shine)
113- Kunai (fire horns / mean green)
118- Your Eternal Reward (cerebral discharge / mean green)
191- Pan (incinerator / emerald)
193- Direct hit (incinerator/mean green)
238- Original (incinerator / violet)
273- Rocket Launcher (fire horns / deadly daffodil)
290- Rocket Launcher (cerebral discharge / team shine)
321- Quick fix agonizing emerald incinerator
480- Medigun daffodil fire horns
482- wrench team shine singularity

Unusuals unboxed
~2013 smoking bolted birdcage
10-19 yeti punch unusualifier (nether void)
9-20 soldier's requiem unusualifier
10-2-20 pumpkin party warhood
10-2-20 kazotsky kick unusualifier (spellbound aspect)
10-2-20 party trick unusualifier
1-25-22 orbiting planets tsarboosh
10-30-22 spectral wick gauzed gaze
10-30-22 cursed forever! brain warming wear

joe mama : smelly i difficulty telling if your diasbled or a mistake
joe mama : smelly did your mother drop you and your dad left you at the same time to cause this toxisity

stax : i air blast to push the bomb back u dumb ♥♥♥♥
stax : and i schorch when they far

[6:36 PM]

[6:56 PM]
if your phantom for sale?

[6:58 PM]
only if you make me an offer i can't refuse


[8:02 PM]
:V sent you a new trade offerView trade offer

[8:20 PM]
no thanks

[8:40 PM]
what more do i have to add

[8:41 PM]
im not really interested in the billycock

[8:49 PM]
what more do i have to add

[8:51 PM]
like 15 more keys

[8:55 PM]
with everything

[8:56 PM]

[8:56 PM]
thats literally like 40 keys

[8:56 PM]

[8:57 PM]
lol what a scam

[8:57 PM]
what was one of the first things I said to you
so don't approach me asking to by an item that isn't for sale and call my a scammer
we done here?

masterpigzombie : i have done 2 full tours so im not new to mvm

Smelly : doctor ♥♥♥♥♥♥ you go scout
Doctor Simp : go ♥♥♥♥ yourself, ♥♥♥♥
Doctor Simp left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Cypanium : sorry for swearing but holy lord

Scout | : Listen ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Scout | left the game (Removed from match by system)
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