Mrs. LJ
Richard Head   Louisiana, United States
Tali : you sound like you're 2 bad lobbies removed from killing yourself

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I collect Stately Steel Toes and will pay full pure for any effect I do not already have.

I'm not looking to sell any of my hats, but if you really want them, this is the minimum you have to offer unless you want to get blocked:

Chiroptera Pyromancer 3000 keys
SBTWC Battle Boonie 700 keys
Haunted Phantasm Jr El Jefe 350 keys
Harvest JuJu 200 keys
Cauldron sensei 300 keys
Flies noh mercy 500 keys
Flies Stash 200 keys
Flies veil 400 keys

My friends list is for FRIENDS. If we do not regularly play, talk, or trade, I will remove you. But I do make mistakes so just add me back if you think I messed up.

Artwork Showcase
Basement God of MvM
10 2
MvM- """taking a break"""
Add me if you want to play but know that I mostly solo q
Currently not burning tickets, probably permanently
Things I hate:

Slow F4!!!!!!!!- unless you are hard carrying your team there is absolutely no reason not to press F4 immediately when the round ends
Cheaters, people that play with cheaters, meta nerds, grinders, idlers --all of these are essentially the same to me, people that prioritize completing tours over HAVING FUN in this GAME
People that think they are good but can't play without refunds, canteens, or the item servers
Dorks that kick for fun
Noobs that demand a medic, and nerds that kick people solely for picking medic

Yes I am involved with but I do not participate in nor condone toxic behavior! The decision to kick / retryspam / throw / whatever is an INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, and I am an INDIVIDUAL-
if you hate me but have never played with me you are a moron!

What I wish every MvM player knew

1. The stereotypes of the "toxic high tour" apply far more often to players with between 40 and 150 tours.

2. If you think requests from your teammates to change your class/weapons/upgrades/playstyle are "toxicity" or attempts to ruin your fun, then you do not belong in MvM, or co-op games in general. The fact that you paid for a ticket does not entitle you to play however you want.

3. MvM especially 2 cities is easy, and kick-happy players are usually more interested in notoriety than anything else. Do not engage. Just leave. Don't feed the trolls.

4. Nobody has an obligation to teach you how to play in Mann Up, and if you join an advanced or expert mission without being able to do the basics do not be surprised when you are kicked. That being said, experienced players are usually happy to teach you if you just ask.

5. If you start to see MvM as an obligation rather than a game, and are more concerned with completing tours than enjoying yourself, take a break you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ loser

6. You can always re-queue.

7. Tour number does not equal skill; there are god-tier players with a zero tours completed and trash players with thousands, but if someone has played MvM much more than you, you should at least consider what they are saying.

8. The "meta" exists only to help players complete tours with minimal game sense or skill required. Off-meta setups can be just as powerful, given you know what you are doing, and tend to be a lot more fun.

9. Some people play MvM for fun, some play because they are gambling addicts, or both. Understand that not everyone wants the same thing you do from Mann Up, and respect this.

10. The arrogance and toxicity of low-tours really is boundless, and if you play enough MvM you will have a list of people that think you are an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ regardless of how nice you are.

Times kicked for speaking the truth (started count 10/11/20): 17
Two Cities

Tour 34- Sniper Rifle
Tour 83- Ambassador
Tour 86- Rocket Launcher (4 boxes)
Tour 97- Scattergun (4 boxes)
Tour 105- Rocket Launcher
Tour 111- Knife (4 boxes)
Tour 138- Scattergun
Tour 260- Axtinguisher---♥♥♥♥, but at least the streak ended
Tour 274- Grenade Launcher
Tour 287- Ambassador
Tour 289- Sniper Rifle
Tour 292- Medigun
Tour 297- Ambassador (4 boxes)
Tour 315- Sticky Launcher
Tour 348- Force-a-Nature (4 boxes)

Mecha Engine

Tour 4- Frontier Justice
Tour 19- Sniper Rifle
Tour 27- SMG
Tour 101- Eyelander (dropped immediately after 2C tour 274 grenade launcher)
Tour 118- Ambassador
Tour 162- Black Box (dropped immediately after 2C tour 248 force a nature)

Decent KS kits (started counting tour 110)

111- Flare gun (fire horns / team shine)
113- Kunai (fire horns / mean green)
118- Your Eternal Reward (cerebral discharge / mean green)
191- Pan (incinerator / emerald)
193- Direct hit (incinerator/mean green)
238- Original (incinerator / violet)
273- Rocket Launcher (fire horns / deadly daffodil)
290- Rocket Launcher (cerebral discharge / team shine)
321- Quick fix agonizing emerald incinerator

Damage Records (rounded to nearest thousand, started count 9/2020)

Broken Parts: 358k sniper 278 bot 128 tank soldier
Bone Shaker: 306k sniper
Disintegration: 79 bot 44 tank

Empire Escalation: 370k demo only 124k scout only 167k spy only
Metro Malice: 327k heavy/demo 240k engineer 185 spy
Hamlet Hostility:114 bot 67 tank
Bavarian Botbash:
110k medic
243 bot 29k tank demo
209 bot 64 tank pyro
216 bot 71 tank soldier / 239 bot 51 tank
126 bot 56 tank scout
122 bot 56 tank engie

Mannslaughter: 83 bot 27 tank engie 152 bot 20 tank heavy
Cataclysm: 126 bot 116 tank spy/soldier
Desperation:165 bot 20 tank demo 175 bot 13 tank heavy

Unusuals unboxed
~2013 smoking bolted birdcage
10-19 yeti punch unusualifier (nether void)
9-20 soldier's requiem unusualifier
10-2-20 pumpkin party warhood
10-2-20 kazotsky kick unusualifier (spellbound aspect)
10-2-20 party trick unusualifier

Hall of Retardation

joe mama : smelly i difficulty telling if your diasbled or a mistake
joe mama : smelly did your mother drop you and your dad left you at the same time to cause this toxisity

stax : i air blast to push the bomb back u dumb ♥♥♥♥
stax : and i schorch when they far

[6:36 PM]

[6:56 PM]
if your phantom for sale?

[6:58 PM]
only if you make me an offer i can't refuse


[8:02 PM]
:V sent you a new trade offerView trade offer

[8:20 PM]
no thanks

[8:40 PM]
what more do i have to add

[8:41 PM]
im not really interested in the billycock

[8:49 PM]
what more do i have to add

[8:51 PM]
like 15 more keys

[8:55 PM]
with everything

[8:56 PM]

[8:56 PM]
thats literally like 40 keys

[8:56 PM]

[8:57 PM]
lol what a scam

[8:57 PM]
what was one of the first things I said to you
so don't approach me asking to by an item that isn't for sale and call my a scammer
we done here?

masterpigzombie : i have done 2 full tours so im not new to mvm

Smelly : doctor ♥♥♥♥♥♥ you go scout
Doctor Simp : go ♥♥♥♥ yourself, ♥♥♥♥
Doctor Simp left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Cypanium : sorry for swearing but holy lord

Scout | : Listen ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Scout | left the game (Removed from match by system)

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smack me hard misses smelly.
Ahuman Apr 17 @ 6:55am 
No smelly is a good player that prefers off meta. Freakshow went to throw gas, stood out in the open, died immediately, then blamed me and left.
PREX2000 ^w^ Apr 16 @ 11:42pm 
Mrs. LJ Apr 16 @ 11:27pm 
I'm gonna tear your head off and nut in your esophagus
PREX2000 ^w^ Apr 16 @ 9:34pm 
so is this guy so
Ahuman Apr 16 @ 8:56pm 
dude prex Miss Freakshow is an actual ape