"If you have time to fantasize about a beautiful end, then just live beautifully 'til the end."
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Our World Is Ended.
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Before anything, I'd like to state that one of my friends warned me against playing this game, but I got lured in by how good it looked – like a moth to a flame. While I don't 100% regret it, I do have some reservations.

Positive Aspects:
⦁ The UI and design elements are undeniably striking, akin to premium artwork.

⦁ The BGM is decent, though not particularly memorable. Personally, I enjoyed "Playtime's Over," Sekai, Yuno, and Tatiana's themes.

⦁ Voice acting shines brilliantly with a star-studded cast perfectly tailored to their characters. Familiar voices include Gintoki, Iroha/Yotsuba, Sora/Soma, Ai Hayasaka, and others.

⦁ The story, while not groundbreaking, keeps you engaged, and the ending is satisfactory.

It's evident that this visual novel is a high-budget production, and a lot of effort was put into it, which makes me even more frustrated because of the wasted potential.

Negative Aspects:
⦁ Some mistranslations and typos can be spotted here and there, but nothing too bad.

⦁ Inconsistencies like Iruka's fingers looking weirdly bent and some CG-like art differences, mostly noticeable on one Yuno CG.

⦁ Some later chapters feel out of place and could have been better utilized earlier in the narrative.

However, all of those mentioned above are just minor flaws you could overlook. The reason why I'm disappointed by this game is THE CHARACTERS. Yes, the characters are the major flaw of this visual novel, and besides the story, they are the most important aspect of a game like this.

Character Issues:
The potential for greatness is wasted as they are stereotyped (maybe a little too much) into classic anime personas. While (probably) not inherently bad for those unfamiliar with these archetypes, the characters may disappoint seasoned anime viewers who've seen these tropes repeatedly. Iruka's incessant screaming further detracts from the experience, making him a character to truly despise. Some characters, like Owari, could have been great if not for an excessive display of perviness.

Despite these issues, some interactions between characters manage to be enjoyable, and a few characters have redeeming qualities that make them likable on a basic level. However, the game takes an extra step with certain stereotypes, ruining the potential for a more diverse and engaging cast.

Our World is Ended is a mixed bag – a visual novel with wasted potential due to stereotyped characters. If you're new to it or can overlook repetitive, excessive character archetypes, you might find enjoyment here. However, for seasoned anime fans and VN players, be prepared for induced stupidity, plot holes, and some cringe-worthy moments. Approach with caution, and you might find some fun moments amid the letdowns.
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