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в меня стреляли 9 раз и 8 отскочило .

ta6u best spy in prem
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Nosferatu 32 minutes ago 
Hi, I want to buy your Rocket Launcher
asd Nov 11 @ 9:44am 
таби крыса верни обезьяну
asd Nov 11 @ 9:35am 
пиздит обезьян - реп
anti2 Nov 5 @ 5:30am 
You see, the fidget spinner is more than just a toy: it is the most unique and inspirational form of art of the 21st century only respected by the most intelligent of people. I highly doubt that the greatest "athletes" put as much time into perfecting their sport as we do into mastering the fidget spinner. Tell me; what "sport" requires as much concentration, effort, flexibility, and intellect than the art of performing the perfect spin? I'll answer that for you: none of them. I swear, if I ever hear someone associate fidget spinners with "autism" ever again, I will be more than willing to put them on the ground. I wouldn't ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ care if I was put into jail. I am more than willing to sacrifice my well-being to defend not just my passion, but my life
Dippi Oct 27 @ 2:15am 
ta6u -25 gang(((
Mi Aug 28 @ 9:54am 
this wwhhoorree has hax