This is the real profile of NOpainNOgain-former AfricanDrugLord. I got an impersonator that tries to cause me trouble, dont let him fool you. Do Not Add me regarding this issue anymore, i accept Friend Requests only for trading and other stuff, thanks !

Owned 5 Unusual Coffin Kits so far : Harvest Moon, Cloudy Moon, Knifestorm, Stormy 13th hour and Misty Skull.

Looking for Spellbound/Arcana/Poisoned Shadows/Something Burning This Way Comes/Chiropetra Venenate Unusual Miscs.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former" .

-Albert Einstein

Borkering Unusual's / Different stuff .

Warrior in the IDF ( Israel Defence Forces ), Kfir brigade :

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Cloudy Moon Coffin Kit.
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+rep fair and polite trader. Thank u so much
+rep amazing trader :D
n_n Mar 10 @ 7:39pm 
+Rep, fair and easy trader :steamhappy:
Im waiting for a screenshot of your antlers! :33
LegoTonix! Trade Banned Jan 5 @ 8:09am 
+rep Added for traders !
Comrade P Dec 28, 2017 @ 3:36am 
Commenting here to tell you that you might as well sell the Mongolian and Mullet after all. Though they're cheap unusuals, I'm really sorry for changing my mind. I just lost my interest in tf2 in the meantime and I don't really wish to pay for items on a game I barely even play anymore.
+rep to you for all the trades we had in the past.
On a side note, someone bought my Pullover on, that's his profile if you wish to contact him