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But You can call me Master ;)   Estonia
There is a lot of slightly perverted shit on this profile! You've been warned! :cocochan:
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I simply love trading! c:

:Kurisu: DONT add me just to tell me about an impersonator who is already banned. HOWEVER, if the impersonator is NOT banned, feel free to tell me about them and be sure to report them with proof of them attempting to scam you/anyone else! :Kurisu:
My trade offer link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=134757237&token=A-Bi9UpQ
My backpack.tf profile can be found here [backpack.tf]
My TF2 Outpost profile can be found here [www.tf2outpost.com]

I'm buying Steam trading cards for 2 scrap each, foils for 1 ref each!

CURRENTLY IN STOCK: 2090 keys and 34 ref!

Im quickbuying almost ANY hat as long as its 30/35% off High Tier, 40% off Mid Tier and 45% off Low Tier effects and meets ALL of my rules!
Im MOSTLY interested in 100 (and less) key unusuals, however this doesnt mean, that I dont buy unusuals over 100 keys!
My key stock is limited, so I get to choose the hats I buy!
Any unusuals that exceed my key stock cannot be purchased!
I pretty much always keep my prices in date!

● 30/35% off High Tier effects!
● 40% off Mid Tier effects!
● 45% off Low Tier effects!

Effects tiers list can be found here [pastebin.com]


● I DONT buy Taunts, Weapons, Robo hats (unless the hat is in my exception list) and hats with 2016 Halloween effects, unless the discount is so ridiculously high, that I simply cant decline!
● If your unusual is DUPED, I will pay additional 10% less!
● If your unusual is valued under 40 keys, I will NOT buy it!
● If your unusual is valued over 100 keys, I may pay additional 5% less!
● If your unusual is valued over 150 keys, I will NOT buy it, unless the unusual is in my exception list!
● If your hat is overpriced/inflated/outdated, I will NOT value it at current bp.tf price (I will most likely value it lower and take the required % off that value)!
Valuable information about me.
"A lil bit about me" SECTION!

★ Former Admin on Serenity trading server! RIP Serenity (06.09.2017)
★ Veteran price suggestor for Unusuals on bp.tf!

As you can probably tell by looking at my profile, I enjoy watching anime and from time to time, hentai. Most of my day I spend at school, outside with my friends or sitting in the pc. I'm an obvious Otaku, but despite that I'm one of the most sociable people you will ever meet, yes I talk... A LOT. When I'm in the pc, I usually watch anime, hentai (from time to time) and Youtube, listen to music, play osu! and some other games, trade in TF2 or just simply fuck around on the internet.

My favourite anime, hentai and waifus can be found on my MAL [myanimelist.net]
My osu! profile: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/7658469

My favourite colors:

● Crimson (obviously)
● Pink
● Black

Games I'm playing the most right now:

● osu! (Check out the game here [osu.ppy.sh])
● Some trading in Team Fortress 2

My absolutely amazing icon collection:

:wnheart: :nekoheart: :catpaw::sakurabeachicecream::cocochan2: :cinnamon2: :azuki2: :cocochan: :chocola: :cinnamon: :cocochan3: :chocola3: :vanilla3: :milkchan: :cocochan4: :chocola4: :vanilla4: :cinnamon4: :hp_nikki: :hp_aiko: :hp_kyanna: :hp_audrey: :hp_lola: :hcs_nikki: :hcs_tiffany: :suzuko1: :suzuko2: :amaya2: :AgentTrooper: :AgentRookie: :sakuranovaarisa: :sakuranovareika: :sakuraspaceakane: :sakuraspacenami: :sakuraspacekotori: :Kurisu: :Suzuha: :NyanNyan: :Goddess1: :Goddess3: :sakurabeachayumi: :sakurabeachayumiangry: :sakurabeachmomoko: :sakurabeachmomokolaugh: :sakurabeachnene::sakurabeachnenelaugh::sakurabeachneneworried: :Asaga: :swimmieko: :swimhiromi: :sakurafantasyardena: :sakurafantasygwynne: :sakurafantasykeira::miyu::maeko::narumi::hikari::hschool::sayaka::sschool: :itsumi: :akinaspirit: :sakuraswimclub::ChigaraRocket: :balloonicorn: :crate: :jarate: :medicon: :sentry: :spycon: :sticky: :demoneye: :dirtblock: :greenslime: :terraria: :csgob: :csgoct: :csgogun: :csgohelmet: :csgoskull: :GDInsane: :GDHarder: :GDAuto: :balloon: :facepunch: :gmod: :melon: :missing: :flag: :car: :helmet: :DiscardedGun: :WaterBottle: :ocam: :odoc: :ss13down: :ss13ok: :p2aperture: :p2turret: :stonehatchet: :alwayschicken: :SBpenguin: :SBpanda: :USstar: :sniperbrain: :2015holly: :Dosh: :RedChainsaw: :reheart: :isaac: :hatty: :torielsad: :sans: :dealwithit: :yawning_creep: :toast: :sr4sunglasses: :paradiseisland: :thesun: :meteor: :2017stickysquirt: :sstgun1:

Some quite creative emojis:

:nekoheart:_:nekoheart: :USstar:_:USstar: :melon:_:melon: :sticky:_:sticky: :csgoskull:_:csgoskull: :p2aperture:_:p2aperture: :demoneye:_:demoneye: :greenslime:_:greenslime: :Dosh:_:Dosh: :bbtgem:_:bbtgem: :thesun:_:thesun:

I love the :melon:_:melon: emoji! ツ
Stupid Moe & Kawaii shit! :wnheart: :nekoheart: :catpaw::sakurabeachicecream::cocochan2: :cinnamon2: :azuki2: :cocochan: :chocola: :cinnamon: :cocochan3: :chocola3: :vanilla3: :milkchan: :cocochan4: :chocola4: :vanilla4: :cinnamon4: :hp_nikki: :hp_aiko: :hp_kyanna: :hp_audrey: :hp_lola: :hcs_nikki: :hcs_tiffany: :suzuko1: :suzuko2: :amaya2: :AgentTrooper: :AgentRookie: :sakuranovaarisa: :sakuranovareika: :sakuraspaceakane: :sakuraspacenami: :sakuraspacekotori: :Kurisu: :Suzuha: :NyanNyan: :Goddess1: :Goddess3: :sakurabeachayumi: :sakurabeachayumiangry: :sakurabeachmomoko: :sakurabeachmomokolaugh: :sakurabeachnene::sakurabeachnenelaugh::sakurabeachneneworried: :Asaga: :swimmieko: :swimhiromi: :sakurafantasyardena: :sakurafantasygwynne: :sakurafantasykeira::miyu::maeko::narumi::hikari::hschool::sayaka::sschool: :itsumi: :akinaspirit:

● Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
● CPU: Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.20GHz
● RAM: 12,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz
● Motherboard: ASRock H97M Anniversary
● GPU: ATI AMD Radeon R9 380 Series
● Storage: 931GB Western Digital (SATA)

Some recommended games to see anime tiddies in:

● Huniepop
● Sunrider Academy
● Most of the Sakura games
● Nekopara games (Mosaic censor on dat juicy Neko pussy hurts tho ;-;)

Some quality quotes:

● Anime is love, anime is life!
● Happy waifu = Happy laifu! :3
● Keep Calm & Love Inori :wnheart:
● Oppai ( • Y • )
● "I don't see, why fucking your little sister is wrong." - Neron

In case you are wondering, the girl on my profile pic is Inaba Himeko! :wnheart:
Reality is lemons and the internet's my lemonade :wnheart: [soundcloud.com]

Amber's Love Was Like A Marble :wnheart:

Amber's love was like a marble
As marvellous as love can be
Several times her love was garbled
And left her singing with the sea
Amber's love was like a showcase
Puking loving melodies
She got lost losing her show-place
Beneath the surface of the seas
Beneath the surface of the seas...

As a reminder, I finally changed my Steam username after 2 years of it being "☊★Agent007★☊"
The DONG! (Crimson snipes)
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💕Inori Yuzuriha💕

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Im slightly aroused
BAPE Jock Strap Jul 18 @ 9:40pm 
One time I was chilling with Throne, holding hands while watching some of the best HentaiHaven™ content on the site ("Top 50 HENTAI LOLI Creampies") and as Throne reached over to grab my♥♥♥♥♥♥and squeeze it he kissed my lips and from seemingly out of nowhere these men with semi-automatic rifles and fully suited combat gear burst through the door, there were so many lasers pointing at me, I was super shook. Turns out having sexual relations with a small underaged girl isn't very legal. So, I'd rate the kiss 7/10 because Throne is very short, hand holding 10/10 because of those cute little girl hands but the whole experience a 2/10 because Throne is male.
No u >~<
am i pretty now? Jun 22 @ 5:45pm 
big gey

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🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥 Jun 22 @ 10:44am 
BAPE Jock Strap Jun 22 @ 10:24am 
♥♥♥♥♥♥are so cute omg(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) when you hold one in your hand and it starts twitching its like its nuzzling you(/ω\) or when they perk up and look at you like" owo nya? :3c" hehe ~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥kun is happy to see me!!(^ワ^)