Al'Eskander al'Eskanderyya
Alexander   Athens, Attiki, Greece
AlekoTheGreek, born in the year of the false spring.

1:27 - ✪Check: sou eipa re mlk einai gynaikes το ναι σημαινει ναι το ναι σημαινει οχι,το οχι ναι ,το οχι οχι , το μπορει ναι,το μπορει οχι
1:27 - ✪Check: τι δεν καταλαβαινεισ δλδ

23:28 - Ronnie Van Zant: και ενα αλλο θυμαμαι all time classic σχετικα συγχρονο

23:11 - AlekoTheGreek of Athens: but all battle gameplay on every single total war after Napoleon is kid-friendly ass lickery piece of fast paced arcade ♥♥♥♥

19:59 - [16th]★Ntinos007★: θα σου πω στο τελος του μετα γιατι θελει να ερθει και ενας φιλος μου

14.4.2020 Balgy: Για να βγεις απο beta πηγαινε εκει που εβαλες το beta και βγαλτο.

"I know I'm a woman, but I'm not lying" - Marie 2020

"ποτε μην εμπιστευεσε ανθρωπους με anime profile pic" - geler7 2020

[10:01 μ.μ.]
xaxaxa oxi peirmenw na me gamiseis pali

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French lines exchange fire with Austrian Lines fortified on pratzen height
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"The drum tune was the only sound in our ranks, that and our Colours flapping on the strong wind, at least its not raining yet. LINE, HOLD! We had the right flank, the Colonel gave command and we started marching again. Now it started to rain. We climbed the muddy hill and finally saw the battle, as much as their 8-pounders saw us. Our unifroms were coated in dirt from the long march but apparently was not enough to hide our red coats. We had no other choice but to march downhill, recapturing centre was our order. At least twenty more minutes of march, under pouring rain and punding artillery. Good thing the scally wags cannot aim their guns properly. We reached the area of the farm without a single loss, only to find elements of their reserve ready to fire, standing between us and our objective. LINE HOLD! MAKE READY! PRESENT!....they shot first....FIRE! Apparently the heavy rain jammed more than half or our flintlocks and what it seems almost two thirds of the enemy's. BAYONETS ON THE READY! is he really going to do it?

Welcome to the hell of mud and blood, enjoy your stay


~Major Aleko of the 16th Regiment of Foot
Random plains large, 18th of June 1815

Moderator of the Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Greece
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:warhorse: Leader of the Excubiti (The Sentinels) , a Greek speaking clan for M&B II.
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:riflesword: Retired Colonel of the 16th Regiment of foot

:riflesword: Former Major of The Sacred Band (Currently a company of the 16th RoF)

:warplate1:past regiments I have served in:
21o Sacred Band (a.k.a. The Sacred Band)
39th Regiment of Foot and Artillery
77y Tenginsky Pehotniy Polk

Proudly a member of the Napoleonic Wars community since June 2012


Former Host of the EVENTUM REVIVISCERE [] weekly event on the mod Bello Civili

Leader of the Sacred Band Mercernary company for Bello Civili, honoured to hold the oldest active clan for the mod.


Associate developer of the Whigs and Torries [] American Revolution mod for Napoleonic Wars.

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Filson Dec 24, 2021 @ 6:33am 
:al_star: On the occasion of this year's Christmas, I wish you: good energy, many gifts, happiness, joy, joyful energy, health and time spent with the family.
Happy Holidays from Filson :D
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One year more one more comment for xmas so here i go I hope every one of you stayed healthy and is already in full Christmas joy! And don't hate your old granny for the sockets under the tree! :P (i know some of u may have 2 comments from me , buut my bot had a problem pls forgive me!)
Retamar Dec 22, 2021 @ 9:18am 
One year more one more comment for xmas so here i go I hope every one of you stayed healthy and is already in full Christmas joy! And don't hate your old granny for the sockets under the tree! :P
Al'Eskander al'Eskanderyya May 17, 2021 @ 1:10pm 
Thank you tuna
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Aleko you happy malaka happy birthday:rocket: