Vrangr Grohiik
Matthew A George   Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States
The Grohiik clan was well know for it's mastery of war and strategies, but the clan only used thier knowledge for the good of people that truly needed it. One day a kingdom with a crule idea decided to lie to the clan, and abuse thier knowledge to kill the innocent people of a neighboring kingdom just to take thier land. After that day the clan had vanished and was never seen again. Until one day, a young Grohiik by the name Vrangr Grohiik came out of hiding to find out the many new strategies that had devopled since the clans disappearance. On that day he left, he was also ambushed from a clan that relized who he was and where he came from. Once they realized this, they decided to use him as a ransome to get the others out of hiding, and to harvest the knowlege which is Grohiik
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