Discy, Level 175 Rocker and Puppermaniac // Etelä-Pohjanmaa   Finland
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I've been living in the past for so long i forgot what year it is

I like hairy animals. (Haha, what a furry joke) Anyway, i like animals.

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Dragons and Screeching Guitars
:dpdragon::heart::SummonDragon: Welcome To My Profile :SummonDragon::heart::dpdragon:

:arrowright: This info box have been like this for many years, and I have removed and added some stuff in it randomly, so it might look like a mess.

:arrowright: Birthday: May 20th, 1995 :suomi:
:arrowright: Open mind, black humor
:arrowright: I like to visit new places, and I find abandoned buildings / factories really interesting places to go scavenging. Ghoooooosts!
:arrowright: I'm a big fan of the Worms, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Max Payne, Bleed and the old Tony Hawk's series.
I love games set in 1930-1990.
:arrowright: Feel free to add me, i'm very friendly and laid-back persona.
Must speak english :USA::GBR: / finnish :suomi: on your profile and activity feed. :first_star: Why? So we can goshdarnit understand eachother :tdealwithit:

:first_star::first_star::first_star: Important Notes :first_star::first_star::first_star:

:first_star: Commenting on my profile why you added me raises the chances for getting accepted
:arrowright: Random / Gambling group invite spammers will be blocked.
:arrowright: Friends limit 1174.
:arrowright: Creator of Disc "Discylicious" Burner 2011 / 2012-2017.

:clickpointer: Links

:arrowright: Rockin' YouTube Playlist (Updates now and then)
:arrowright: Steam account calculator [steamdb.info]
:arrowright: Steamladder [steamladder.com]

:Dosh: Trading / Offers / Donations / Warm Hugs

:arrowright: Paypal [paypal.me]
:arrowright: Steam Trade
(It's a personal link for trading with me, were you in my friendlist or not)
- I have the Mobile Authenticator, no holds on my side.

:onikiradragon: Goals

:arrowright: Get rich af and share wealth with others :D:
:arrowright: Steam level 169 - 28th March 2019

:music: Music

Some random songs I like. Give em a try! ( Or just check my Rockin' YouTube Playlist )

:arrowright: Demon - Don't break the circle
:arrowright: Ghost - Dance Macabre
:arrowright: Nebula - So It Goes
:arrowright: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years
:arrowright: Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
:arrowright: Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
:arrowright: Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley
:arrowright: Bon Jovi - Runaway
:arrowright: Van Halen - Right Now
:arrowright: AC/DC - Thunderstruck
:arrowright: Ramones - Poison Heart
:arrowright: Demon - Night of the demon
:arrowright: Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
:arrowright: Black Sabbath - Die Young
:arrowright: Motörhead - Too Good To Be True
:arrowright: Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man
:arrowright: Alkaline Trio - Wash Away
:arrowright: Dio - Rainbow In The Dark

:questionmark: F.A.Q.

Q: What kind of music do you like?
A: I usually only listen to Hard / Classic Rock, Punk and Heavy Metal.

Q: System information?
A: Windows 10 64 bit, MSI GTX 1070, 16 GB HyperX RAM, i5-8600k, MSI Z370 Pro Carbon,
2 TB HDD with 16 GB Intel Optane

Q: Do you hate anything?
A: Private profiles, overspoiled kids with money. (Send them to the Ranch!) :csdsmile:

Q: Do you have Discord?
A: Nö. Well yes, but not really using.

Q: What do you usually do?
A: Daydream about being a millionaire, living in a big house. Then wake up in the sad reality.

Q: Do you have any consoles?
A: Latest is Playstation 2, which i use sometimes. (PS 1 and 2 games are best ever made, simply)
-But i bought a Switch in November 2017

Q: Do you like Anime?
A: No. But I don't go around yelling how much i dislike it. I keep it at myself.

Q: Do you RP/ERP?
A: Rarely, if not at all. Don't ask me to start one with you. Of course, small actions are fine.

Q: Why there isn't Half-Life 3 yet?
A: The one million dollar question that i didn't have the answer to.

Q: Do you like it fast or slow?
A: Fast food is good sometimes.

Q: Do you play Overwatch? Fortnite?
A: Nope. Never will. Not really playing much outside Steam anyway.

Q: Why, Discy, Why?
A: 42

My face is reflected in the water. It's a shining grin full of hope... Or it could be a look of somber silence struggling with fear... What do you see reflected in your face?

An open minded individual that lives the life how i want, without fear of punishment in afterlife.

:OTTTD_Rockon: Ronnie James Dio :OTTTD_Rockon:

You will be always missed :bundleoftulips:
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Valkaerie Nov 17 @ 6:05pm 
Good to see you.
平和 Koda🐺 Nov 15 @ 11:39am 
Have an amazing Weekend and ROCK ON!!
Take what you can, give nothing back-Jack Sparrow
Все, что я могу сделать, чтобы помочь
Vara Nov 12 @ 9:53pm 
I have a PLAN
We just need more money.
LilianBeat Nov 12 @ 3:17pm 
seen we got few friends in common so i stopped by to say hi and i like your pfp have a wonderful rest of the day :phoenixheart: :lunar2019coolpig: :RCThumbsUp:
moxie Nov 10 @ 10:01am 
Nice m4a4 lol