Discy, Level 176 Rocker and Puppermaniac // Etelä-Pohjanmaa   Finland
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I've been living in the past for so long I forgot what year it is

I like hairy animals. (Haha, what a furry joke) Anyway, I like animals. Mostly woofers.

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Dragons and Screeching Guitars
:dpdragon::heart::SummonDragon: Welcome To My Profile :SummonDragon::heart::dpdragon:

:arrowright: This info box have been like this for many years, and I have removed and added some stuff in it randomly, so it might look like a mess.

:arrowright: Birthday: May 20th, 1995 :suomi:
:arrowright: I like to visit new places, and I find abandoned buildings / factories really interesting places to go scavenging. Ghoooooosts!
:arrowright: I'm a big fan of the Worms, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Max Payne, Bleed and the old Tony Hawk's series. Also yay, Minigolf.
I love games set in 1930-1990.
:arrowright: Feel free to add me, I'm very friendly and laid-back persona.
Must speak english :USA::GBR: / finnish :suomi: on your profile and activity feed. :first_star: Why? So we can goshdarnit understand eachother :tdealwithit:

:first_star::first_star::first_star: Important Notes :first_star::first_star::first_star:

:first_star: Commenting on my profile why you added me raises the chances for getting accepted
:arrowright: Creator of Disc "Discylicious" Burner 2011 / 2012-2017.

:clickpointer: Links

:arrowright: Rockin' YouTube Playlist (Updates now and then)
:arrowright: Steam account calculator [steamdb.info]
:arrowright: Steamladder [steamladder.com]

:Dosh: Trading / Offers / Donations / Warm Hugs

:arrowright: Paypal [paypal.me]
:arrowright: Steam Trade
(It's a personal link for trading with me, were you in my friendlist or not)
- I have the Mobile Authenticator, no holds on my side.

:onikiradragon: Goals

:arrowright: Get rich af and share wealth with others :D:
:arrowright: Steam level 169 - 28th March 2019

:music: Music

Some random songs I like. Give em a try! ( Or just check my Rockin' YouTube Playlist )

:arrowright: MxPx - Let's Ride
:arrowright: Demon - Don't break the circle
:arrowright: Fu Manchu - California Crossing
:arrowright: Nebula - So It Goes
:arrowright: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years
:arrowright: Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
:arrowright: Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
:arrowright: Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley
:arrowright: Bon Jovi - Runaway
:arrowright: Van Halen - Right Now
:arrowright: AC/DC - Thunderstruck
:arrowright: Ramones - Poison Heart
:arrowright: Demon - Night of the demon
:arrowright: Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
:arrowright: Black Sabbath - Die Young
:arrowright: Motörhead - Too Good To Be True
:arrowright: Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man
:arrowright: Alkaline Trio - Wash Away
:arrowright: Dio - Rainbow In The Dark

:questionmark: F.A.Q.

Q: What kind of music do you like?
A: I usually only listen to Hard / Classic Rock, Punk and Heavy Metal.

Q: System information?
A: Windows 10 64 bit, MSI GTX 1070, 16 GB HyperX RAM, i5-8600k, MSI Z370 Pro Carbon,
2 TB HDD with 16 GB Intel Optane

Q: Do you hate anything?
A: Private profiles, overspoiled kids with money. (Send them to the Ranch!) :csdsmile:

Q: Do you have Discord?
A: Nö. Well yes, but not really using.

Q: What do you usually do?
A: Daydream about being a millionaire, living in a big house. Then wake up in the sad reality.

Q: Do you have any consoles?
A: Latest is Playstation 2, which I use sometimes. (PS 1 and 2 games are best ever made, simply)
-But I bought a Switch in November 2017

Q: Do you like Anime?
A: No. But I don't go around yelling how much I dislike it. I keep it at myself.

Q: Why there isn't Half-Life 3 yet?
A: The one million dollar question that i didn't have the answer to.

Q: Do you like it fast or slow?
A: Fast food is good sometimes.

Q: Do you play Overwatch? Fortnite?
A: Nope. Never will. Not really playing much outside Steam anyway.

Q: Why, Discy, Why?
A: 42

My face is reflected in the water. It's a shining grin full of hope... Or it could be a look of somber silence struggling with fear... What do you see reflected in your face?

An open minded individual that lives the life how I want, without fear of punishment in afterlife.

:OTTTD_Rockon: Ronnie James Dio :OTTTD_Rockon:

You will be always missed :bundleoftulips:
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AnonArmageddon 2 hours ago 
Hello! Your profile looks really cool! I like the wolf background and the Lycanroc profile pic, which (if you drew it) is really good, you also have some really interesting things in your bio (dragons and screeching guitars). <-- (which totally sounds like a band name) that's all I wanted to say, bye!
Discy Nov 23 @ 8:47pm 
Not far from 4 years ago :p
Toricelli Nov 23 @ 8:31pm 
wasnt this a pony profile once like not even 2 years ago
Yoori Nov 19 @ 2:02am 
st_sullivan Nov 17 @ 8:40am 
If You Are Reading This, You Are So Lucky!
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Charlie Nov 17 @ 1:53am 
boop :lunar2019piginablanket: