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I do not accept random adds due to having a large list of invites.
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Fantome Sep 16 @ 4:53pm 
Hey, I am a former admin of SCG and staff member at Terranova. I wanted to talk to you about something if you could give me the chance.
Heretic Aug 31 @ 2:22pm 
Quick question on how to use Helix HL2RP as a gamemode
foxar Aug 21 @ 11:28am 
5 minute thing with forums
Phatso Aug 19 @ 1:12pm 
Actually it's about your mysql wrapper :)
Phatso Aug 18 @ 7:34pm 
Quick question on one of your projects - won't take but 5 minutes. Thank you!
Ash Aug 15 @ 1:19pm 
Hey, could you help me with a bug?