Mr. Brightside
Alex Grist   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I do not accept random adds due to having a large list of invites.
Timer spilt
Geraldo 8. juni kl. 7.57 
you atleast have the rp_nc_industrial_17_v3 vmf?
Geraldo 6. juni kl. 23.12 
bruhh alr then
Geraldo 6. juni kl. 16.20 
and bspsource is trash
Geraldo 6. juni kl. 16.11 
after decompiling the map comes with alot of area portal bugs and leaks because i don't have the original files within the original vmf idk how to explain
Geraldo 6. juni kl. 15.31 
ayo if you have it can i have the original vmf file of rp_nc_d47_v2 ?, i need to modify the map for a hl2rp server if you send it to me ill give credits on the description of the modified map. also im sending this message to the other creators of the map.
besemmelter bernhard 24. mai kl. 14.34 
must be 12