Mr. Brightside
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I do not accept random adds due to having a large list of invites.
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Mr. House | Smug 29. Apr. um 10:41 Uhr 
↓ way too much true facts.
Jaydawg 29. Apr. um 10:13 Uhr 
↓ so truuuu
Mr. Brightside 29. Apr. um 10:12 Uhr 
↓ mad about losing in a video game
76561198110028183 28. Apr. um 21:21 Uhr 
-rep never has spoke to a female in his life. gets upset in casual. will delete this comment
Lothric 20. Apr. um 22:23 Uhr 
Can we please talk you can delete me after if you wish
Mr. House | Smug 15. Apr. um 18:52 Uhr 
listen up bud, I'm angry, gimme neblous, helix or something or I will let you have your turn on the xbox