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I do not accept random adds due to having a large list of invites.
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LiGhT jún. 25., 20:34 
Sorry, I have a couple questions regarding the hl2rp helix framework. Could you redirect me to where I can voice them?
Son of Evil Tom| NΔ jún. 25., 11:01 
I have questions and problems with the map (rp_nc_industrial v3) can you confirm the friend request
Scot jún. 9., 12:35 
Added to discuss potential editing of i17_v3
ITALYFLASH máj. 31., 12:55 
wayvz máj. 22., 21:22 
God of Four máj. 22., 21:22 
YO BRO what happened, you trolling then rage when you leave. Go outside bro get some air and wear a mask