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meic Apr 30 @ 7:08pm 
+rep 7k hour nmrih king:NekoSorami:
yomox9 Apr 2 @ 2:39am 
Parsia_Parsee Apr 1 @ 10:42pm 
フレンド申請ありがとうございます よろしくお願い致します
yomox9 Mar 11 @ 6:01pm 
hm. I never heard it. I will change from classic to old. Thank you.
Saref Mar 11 @ 10:15am 
i use your hosting maps for fast load (fastdl) custom maps (http://nmrih.yomox9.club/maps) and i have question - why you use map nms_flooded_classic, instead nms_flooded_old? They dont have no different, but "old" weighs less than "classic"
dewobedil Mar 11 @ 5:05am 
i love loli