Just a random person on the internet, I tend to create mods and also very random things!
If you are going to add me, atleast comment first, it makes it easier for me to understand why you are adding me, simple. 🎃
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Little FAQ and some extra info
I will probably, eventually, sometime, change this with new questions just for my own amusement.
This is based on real questions.

Q: do u model?
A: I... yes, but that's not the correct way to ask questions, but to make it clear, I tend to model as a hobby.

A: Yes I did. I'm also making content for this V server!

The server also has plenty of custom stuff too and some amazing people, so check it out! :csdsmile:

Q: What or who are you?
A: A cacodemon? a skeleton? a gnome? noone can tell, so I don't know.
Pumpkin they said, but hell if I know!

Q: you map for TF2?
A: Yes sometimes, but I'm not interested into mapping that much, and I'm the wrong person to be asking questions about mapping.

Q: Help me out with INSERT WHAT YOU NEED!
A: I might not know about everything, but I can help you out with certain things. If you are also adding me because of that, explain yourself properly in my comments section before doing so.

Q: help
A: HOW???

The other stuff
:em_skull: Pink skelly.

"Why are people adding me because of my avatar???"

I don't usually remove friends , but if I removed you it's because you were offline for a long time, like a year or around, or it just happened that you weren't really active and I had to clean my friends list.

SF2 things I'm not proud of! [], It contains random models I did while I was bored, things I never finished, etc. Don't expect good stuff in there.
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This person is hella lewd :jdcircle:
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Always make you do it.
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Person? you mean pumpkin?
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"Q: What or who are you? "
A: A beautiful person :wnembarrassed: