Glubbable's Servers Glubs
Glubbable's Servers Glubs
September 2, 2013
ABOUT Glubbable's Servers

Welcome to my steam group! We are the home of Slender Fortress! But we also host other stuff so check out the list of servers provided below!

Servers located in France
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EU 3 - Gamemode Madness -[]

EU 4 - Ricochet Fortress -[]

Servers located in New York, United States
NY 1 - Slender Fortress (Standard) -[]

NY 2 - Slender Fortress (Survival/Specials) -[]

NY 3 - Battle Tank Fortress -[]

NY 4 - Ricochet Fortress - -[]

NY 5 - Chillout -[]

Servers located in Dallas, United States
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Dropping 50 Secret Saxtons
SF2: 1.6.8 Update - The Winter Clean-Up
Map Updates
1. Un-Festivitied Winter Harvest
Winter Harvest has now become a normal map within the Survival Map Pack rotation. With some minor changes to the play area to address some game breaking bugs.

New Bosses
1. Skull Kid (Ported by Chillax)
This is not a stand alone boss. This boss is being added to compliment another boss known as BEN Drowned. This boss is a chaser, but that is all that is being said, for now...

Boss Updates
1. SCP-049 (Updated by Chillax, Beanjamin & Spook Lord)
SCP-049 now uses an updated model. On top of that their role as a boss has been changed to be a Proxy Master, instead of your typical Look n Run boss.

When killing a player, SCP-049 will be able to resurrect them as a Proxy. These Proxies will be capable of fighting players, being able to deal plenty of damage but are pretty fragile to damage themselves.

And SCP-049 now uses voice-lines from Containment Breach.

2. Lickers (Updated by Chillax)
Lickers has been updated with a new model and has been given the Tongue Ability to help them become more unique than just a regular chaser. This boss will also be more stealth focused from now on.

3. Marcus
Marcus is now able to throw grenades at players during the chase. On top of that, Marcus is also able to melee in close change. So instead of an infinite spam of shotgun shells, there's now an infinite spam of grenades & shotgun shells... progress!

4. Gorefiend
Now instead of being an instant spinning machine of death, Gorefiend is now a boss that deals damage over time during his attack. Plus, they now apply bleed damage just for that little bit extra!

Although, don't worry, the instant death part is gone.

5. Link Shell (BEN Drowned)
This boss, is one of the oldest in the gamemode to this date. They have been changed up quiet a few times over the years that this change should be no different.

BEN Drowned is now a Statue Type Boss, that only moves when not being looked at. They will still retain their previous upgrades as well, such as the Fire Ring Aura. But they will basically feel like a completely different boss.

For more information on boss changes, such as stats, check the change-log!

New Features
1. Added New Death State.
This new state, allows for bosses to both be killable & stunnable at the same time. Instead of the limitation of having one or the other for bosses.

2. Added Proxy Infection.
Bosses & Proxies are now capable of converting killed players into Proxies after a certain amount of time. However, this depends on how the infection method is applied, which will vary between bosses for this feature.

For now, the first boss to use this feature, will be SCP-049. Which allows him to convert players that he kills into Proxies.

3. Added Proxy Spawn Effects.
To compliment the new Proxy Infection functionality, Proxies can now be given their own unique spawn effects upon spawning.

4. Added Proxy Resizing.
As simple as the title, allows Proxies to be resized. Currently not being used for any current Proxy Bosses, so do not worry.

5. Added Fire & Gas Grenades for Grenade Ability.
Now comes in 3 unique flavors! Explosive, Flammable or Gas.

Also includes an RNG chance to pick between ones that are allowed on a boss. So for example: Hans can now choose to throw either Regular or Gas Grenades!

NOTE: Fire Grenades deal 20% less damage while Gas Grenades deal 60% less damage.

7. Added Chase Priority Controls.
This allows Chase Priority to be increased, decreased or swapped with other players on the fly depending on certain conditions. Such as obtaining an RTD power-up that results in you being focused more.

8. Added Auto-Chase Behaviour.
This is something that is intended for pure stealth based bosses. Similar to how making noise too much will result in you being chased. Now if enabled, bosses can instantly begin chasing you the moment you begin to sprint.

As one famous saying goes: "NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS!".

9. Added Support for Repeative Attacks.
Bosses are now able to deal repeative damage during an attack! Now when Gorefiend spins you will now take damage each time you are within reach of his spinning blades! That is correct, no more instant death!

New Candy RTD Rewards
1. Added Regen Candy RTD.
Allows you to regenerate up to 3 HP per second.
Cannot be gained for Medics & Snipers.
NOTE: Adds 20% Chase Priority
2. Added Damage Resistance Candy RTD.
Allows you to resist 10% of all incoming damage.
NOTE: Adds 20% Chase Priority
3. Added Fire Resistance Candy RTD.
Allows you to resist 10% of incoming fire damage.
Cannot be gained for Pyros

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a bug where non-chasing bosses were unstunnable.
Bosses that were not in a chasing state, could never be stunned. There is no idea as to when this bug surfaced however, but it does explain why Rake & Kate would be unaffected by the flashlight at times.
2. Fixed a bug where bosses would not play idle sounds on spawn.
Bosses without Spawn Effects would basically appear silently on their first ever spawn, despite this not being the intended behaviour at all.
3. Fixed a bug where bleed damage effect would stack.
This specific bug, could result in you dying rapidly due to the bleed condition being applied multiple times. This was most common to happen with certain bosses on Survival 2, such as Bread Monster.
4. Fixed a bug where Pyros could still avoid weapon restriction.

Gamemode Changes
1. Improved how difficulty animations are handled.
2. Increased Distance Hit Threshold for Tongue Ability.
This reduces the likely hood of a boss missing their tongue attack beyond certain speed values. While the tongue can still be tongued, this helps reduce blind misses.
3. Tongue Victims should now be free'd when the boss stops chasing.
This has been a problem with the tongue ability since it's inception. Bosses snagging you around a corner that would result in you being stuck for the entire round.

As of today, when a boss gives up, the tongue will now break, allowing you to escape!
4. Tongue Victims will stop being pulled when next to the boss.
5. Reworked Sound Alert Threshold Calcs to be more forgiving.
Sound Alerts when introduced were rather harsh and would result in a boss chasing players within seconds of spawning. However, this system has been fine tuned to fulfill it's original purpose.

However, with this rework, now brings in specific stats for bosses that define which noises increase your sound alert count. For example, a boss may care very little about footsteps, yet care massively over voice lines. Instead of it being where before that every sound would increase your counter in a linear fashion.
6. Changed Bosses Teleport Behavior on Proxy Survival.
It's been a common problem with Proxy Survival as of late, that the boss doesn't always happen to spawn when they should. In order to fix this problem, the bosses will now pick one of the spawn points that Proxies use.

This is however, a temp fix until the maps are updated to add dedicated spawns for Proxy Bosses.
7. Reduced Speed Attributes are now affected by Blink.
Now when you blink, reduced (and increased) Speed Attributes are no longer applied during that split second. This will make Sniper more reasonable to consider against certain bosses that use these attributes.

8. Static build-up no longer applies to stunned players.
One of the most unfair things about certain bosses that happen to stun you, is the build up of static. Especially on higher difficulties where a single stun will basically be game over.

9. Class Restrictions for Survival 2 now apply to Bots.
10. Increased default Hull size for bosses.

Balance Changes
1. Shield RTD will now increase Chase Priority by 40%.
2. Heavy now starts with 20% Chase Priority.
3. Increased Spys Chase Priority from 35% to 40%.
4. Increased Medics Chase Priority from 72% to 80%.
5. Disabled Damage Resistance Attributes on Proxy Survival.
These kind of attributes seem to cause a massive imbalance in Proxy Survival, causing combat for Proxies to be more frustrating than usual.

As a result, these kinds of attributes are no longer enabled for this mode.

Special Round Changes
1a. Disabled Escape Tickets on Survival / Proxy / Adventure Maps.
1b. Disabled Escape Tickets on maps with blocked escapes.
1c. Escape Tickets no longer auto-escapes players.
1d. Escape Tickets allows players to escape after picking a page.
Escape Tickets no longer auto-escapes you from the round. Instead this special allows you to escape early. This way the round isn't cut too short for those that wish to stretch out the round.

Proxy Changes
1. Disabled Respawn Effects for Proxies.
2a. Proxies can no longer use Action Slot Taunts.
2b. Proxies no longer lose extra control when Taunting.
Taunting was often something that was heavily discouraged due to the friendly behavior that it enticed. However, with this change Proxies are no longer able to perform Action Taunts.
3. Proxy Class Enforcement is now randomized.
Now instead of assigning everyone to one class, those that do not fit the required classes for the Proxy Boss, will now assigned one of the allowed ones at random.

Candy Changes
1a. Increased the price of Special Rounds from 50 to 100.
1b. Increased the price of Specific Specials from 100 to 200.
1c. Increased the price of Specific Bosses from 100 to 400.
1d. Increased the price of Minigames from 20 to 50.
1e. Increased the price of RTD from 10 to 20.

2. Fixed an issue where players could purchase both map extends.

Remember last update? Remember how it was "pretty big for us?". Aw yee I 'member. And then see this update... Yikes. I really suck at writing conclusions.

But yeah, this is another big update to the gamemode, we still have a lot of work to do. But we are now in a place where we can mainly focus on adding new things to the gamemode.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have fun on the server(s)~ :pinkheart:

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