i'm generally decent at every game, but never actually good at them.

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well hello there, seems you've found your way to my profile
whether you're Taz or Rasinbran or anyone who knows me, you've done it, you've done the funny. you opened my profile to see what it's all about. maybe i did something in a video game that you wish to speak of, or maybe you're just scrolling through mutual friends of friends... of friends? no matter why you're here, i might as well give an actual description of myself. *ahem*

i am sometimes feverishly compelled to play specific video games at an unprecedented rate and time scale. when i do that, you might see me play a single video game for nearly 32h(?) every day. no, i don't go afk.

aliases: ashtro4, qshtro4, bopdor
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oh shit oh fuck oh shit fuck oh no

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Imagine not liking the ocean cuz of wale ♥♥♥ :/
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+rep ty for the trade
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