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*DEAD*(TEAM) The Red Chicken : I love you radio
(TEAM) toucan : thanks radio
Nblock ジ : Radio 2fort Please come 2 red
prolvlwhalesnipez : You do good work
sabnshane : tahnk you radio 2fort
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz : Ty Radio 2Fort for playing the Reddit National Anthem
sabnshane : thanks
soldier boy : thanks you radio
(G.E.W.P) POOF! : radio 2fort is the best
*DEAD* Slime Prime : Thank you radio
beefleaf : nice music
(TEAM) Raspbell : dont kick radio btw
(TEAM) Raspbell : let em be
(TEAM) beefleaf : ofc
[D|Robot] De : radio is beter than me :')
SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE : the finest radio in all of the badlands
Koyle ! : God bless you 2fort Radio
Sexually depressed Cactus : we got ur back radio
*DEAD* Sexually depressed Cactus : ur the best radio
Yonasi : radio 2fort = radio rebel
*DEAD*(TEAM) ZeroLux : i feel calm about my death, thanks to Radio 2Fort. it's gonna be ok. you know?
*DEAD* The Fungus : it do be a bop tho
ZeroLux : i dont want to cap, i want to keep listening
(TEAM) ZeroLux : ok this is baller what is it?
cdrresser : good music
hes_78 : if radio 2fort is a bot dont kick him
*DEAD* KBr_Jams : good radio
carter : g uck yoiu radeo
pehpaylaff : also radio is a god fr fr
TEAM) Evie : Thank you, radio 2fort
(TEAM) Evie : <3 <3
*DEAD*(TEAM) Lilly : thanks
*DEAD*(TEAM) Lilly : :D
trashstar : radio 2fort i love you
*DEAD* LDH03 : I'm loving this radio
deener man : i lobr you radio 2fort
*DEAD* Chevy Weapons Guy : can i get autobalanced? i wanna listen to the radio
*DEAD* BURPADURPS : thanks for the music :3
Medic : i ♥♥♥ love dis radio
SeanyKetchup II : thanks radio 2fort
SeanyKetchup II : i like ur unusual btw
(TEAM) trashstar : can we vote for the radio to paly pumped up kicks
(TEAM) Flavored trash bag : pls turn on the music again
clyde : i was about to mute radio but this is actually p good
(TEAM) poop : thank you radio
Stupid Monkey : ay radio 2fort just hit the nice tunes bro
VikenYT : thanks for the music
VikenYT : love it
Captain Beefheart : (hot women should) ♥♥♥♥ you radio 2fort
Heisenberg : HOLY CRAP, RADIO 2 FORT!
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charles Aug 13 @ 10:00pm 
La musica
anakin whore walker Jun 27 @ 7:10pm 
dont be a loser buy a defuser!!!
76561199241568642 May 17 @ 12:41pm 
Signed by me, lets play csgo
76561198280131978 May 5 @ 2:25pm 
Hi, please add, I'm not asking for skins, I'm adding because I'm expanding my list of friends so that I can play in the future :)))
小月光M1kasa· Apr 24 @ 11:22pm 
💚💚💚💚/>  フ💚💚💚💚
     |  _  _|
     /`ミ _x 彡
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)_)
笑容尚存,心无旁骛 Apr 24 @ 8:09am