WASP   Northamptonshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
My PC is currently out of action, I am saving up for a new build, hopefully will be back on soon.

I keep getting begged to buy other people games, I'm not rich and I do not like game beggers so please do not ask..

Epic Games Store tag is wasptube1

Blizzard BattleTag is wasptube1#2978

My Rockstar Social Club Tag is wasptube1

My Uplay is WASP2145X

My Twitter is @WASP2145X

My YouTube is wasptube1

My Twitch is wasptube1

My SoundCloud is wasptube1

I am the original -
EA Origins - WASP1X

Also I'm a Gamer (naturally) and Motorcyclist.

I used to be a YouTube Video Uploader, Twitch Streamer and Music Editor.
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