Lewis   Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
My primary interests are for Flight and Space game genres. However I do play a mix of titles, notably anything with Open World, Exploring or Survival based game-play.

NOTE: Please don't add me if your sole intention is to trade or ask for free stuff. Also if you're just adding me just for support and/or information regarding a game I develop, please reach out using the releavent game's discussion forum instead. If you are trying to sell a PR service, or anything else that involves recieving game keys or money I am not interested.
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Capsa - Open World Social Game
Capsa is an open world, social game providing users with the opportunity to hang out in an absolutely breathtaking, and ever expanding environment.

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[Vetron] Second Life Store
I've developed thousands of items for the virtual world of Second Life as well as collaborated with other creators.

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Enhancement modification for the game FUEL ; bringing multiple bug-fixes, improvements, and the addition of various new content.

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For those who want something better than the default 'Star System'. You spawn around a dense asteroid field orbiting an ice moon of a larger hostile red planet, one of several planets in the system. Pirate bases and ship wrecks may be found throughout.

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Created by - Vetron
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Unreal has quite simply got to be one of my favourite games of all time, they simply don't make games like they used to!

Back in 1998 Unreal had very impressive graphics and had far better gameplay than the likes of its rivals. The basic plot is that you, Prisoner 849, are aboard the the prision ship Vortex Rikers when it crashes on the planet Na Pali. From there on out you have to fight to survive as you trek across the planet looking for a way off.

Also included in this pack is the expansion "Return to Na Pali", which adds addtional content and game-play.

Unreal has recieved several updates from the community so the game can not only be played, but run at a decent level of graphical quality. Some of the models are a bit '1998' looking still, but even that is being worked on. There is of course many mods, maps, skins and all the usual community content out there to exend the game in ways you see fit.
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Touching down on the rocky body of A 3 B in Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105
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