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Note 12/16/2023 - Sorry, I don't play much anymore, however I can still accept friend requests (via phone, even if im offline!), if your coming from youtube, im mainly active on my main account playing vrc sometimes, I quit playing fps & aim stuff when i got Grandmaster Complete & have since decided to stop playing fps games to focus on life, since I'm required to self study a ton, whilst trying to balance work. Everything below is mainly a list of my stuff, what I use, & some milestone notes for myself! Also want to say that im not talented, I sank a lot of hours into fps games before kvk! Thank you guys & ppl from kvk that added me & talked a bunch! :)

Feel free to add for scores. I also wont always reply to msgs often since i'm busy!

:medicon: Kovaaks Profile []
:jarate: My First Celestial 😎
:balloonicorn: Favourite aimers are nick & marigold

🟡 = Currently using

Main Mice:
🟡 M42 (Corepads)
Zowie S2 (🐯 Arc II)
🟡 XM1R

🟡 Gamesense Radar
Artisan Hien Mid
🟡 Skypad 3.0

VR Garbage:
Old ass HTC Vive
3 Trackers (2.0) (full body tracc)
Some Milestone notes for myself - Hours are total in Kovaaks - mm/dd/yy
VT Patstrafe Advanced - Celestial 3520 #3 - 125 hrs
Grandmaster Complete - Voltaic S4 Benchmarks - 200 hrs - 6/29/2023
VT Airstrafe Trilogy (Intermediate #1, Advanced #4 Celestial, Advanced Hard #1) - 203 hrs

▶️ Last clip dump ft soldier69
🎵 hammy braindead 🎵 sewer sanfran nights 🎵 SEWER C☄️MET 🎵
IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i cant insert nooo gif here sadge

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Hey i know this is random but howd you get such good aim in only 213 hours of kovaaks? :terraria:
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