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titanopteryx Jan 27 @ 11:00am 
You already built a guild in Seville? Well do you know how to invest? It's a option in the menu in your guild. Investing in the 3 categories will unlock more things like boosts to the amound of goods for sale or items added to the ship part shop there. Tech does the adding of items to the ship part shop, It also makes a higher chance for high end ships to show up for purchase. Contracts will increase contribution but whether they're more profitable than directly selling the goods depends on what characters you have. You can stack a bunch of boosts on top of each other. Depends on the character's skills. An accounting room with a character assigned with a high calculator stat directly increases money from trading.
qmuddy Jan 27 @ 10:49am 
titanopteryx : there is already a guild in sevelle ? thx; i assume i should do contracts there ?
qmuddy Jan 27 @ 10:13am 
titanopteryx : thx ! how many hours to complete this game ?