Some guy from Southern Finland. I like to make things.
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fran 15 minutes ago 
hey there , adding you cause i am a huge fan of that shadows mission and would like to discuss it with you . thanks
xvyz Aug 10 @ 4:56pm 
thanks! :steamthumbsup:
Sntr Aug 10 @ 3:14pm 
But the assets go into your tf folder
and the nav goes to tf/maps
Sntr Aug 10 @ 3:06pm 
Also, the mission file gets removed from the server after testing for the same reason :yoricktheskull:
Sntr Aug 10 @ 3:04pm 
Ah, well
the mission itself is not listed in the assets in the submission thread. This is due to an earlier incident where people took over all the testing servers to play it so nobody could test missions of their own
On top of that, the mission relies heavily on server mods to work. I'm not much help on how to set up those since it requires a lot of steps.
xvyz Aug 10 @ 3:00pm 
ok, where do you put the mission assets in files. im new to mvm mods and i would like to experiment with the mission offline. also how do you get testing servers like's server to run the map correctly, since when i change map to shadows_b3 it doesn't load correctly and defaults to a random mvm mission. sorry if this is a dumb question, i wasn't able to find anything on the internet about this. thanks