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Baznoc™ Jul 15 @ 6:19am 
Thanks Kal!! Im just sitting trying to wake up and drink coffee. I got a cup recently that says, "I drink coffee nd I know things". This AM I know Nothing and Im drinking coffee.. I hope it works soon! Have a good Monday!:strength:
DeepPurple Jul 13 @ 9:04pm 
Sonar Platninum 2016 VS Cubase LE VS Live 9
I loaded all audiotracks into each of the DAWs and started noodling, my conclusions:

Sonar is the pits because the interface is clunky. I uninstalled Sonar. Done.

Live 9 has it's charm but it is still a looping composer at it's heart with a DAW sandwich - that is what drives up the complexity and that is why I had an epic fail when I first bought it. I will keep it for another day. I have not given up here.

Cubase was hands down way easier to navigate, add tracks, move around and play. It has focus. So yeah I will upgrade to Artist version. The local music shop has the USB-eLicenser I will pick it up tomorrow as I jump out of bed.

DeepPurple Jul 13 @ 2:27pm 
Cubase is installed, I loaded the audio files from Right Here and started analyzing.... I have a generalized non specific disdain for songs written in Major keys...LOL. Anywhoo I will give it my best shot, cheers mate and thanks for the encouragement :hat1:
DeepPurple Jul 11 @ 7:56pm 
I just want to say thank you for feeding my insane music addiction, I have hit the point of pain meeting pleasure :hat1:
Zowieanna Zanthia Jun 23 @ 5:47pm 
I think we just adapt to our climates we are use to, I still hate the hot temps we get, I prefere the middle temps as I guess most people do. I think we get the arctic breezes as we are at the bottom of australia and closer to antartica, but it does seem colder here than usual years. Perhaps climate change? No Snow, but we get frost and ice build ups from some colder over nights, its pain when its on car windscreens. But these days I dont have to worry anymore, dont get up that early :yoku2:
Zowieanna Zanthia Jun 23 @ 5:42pm 
Well in summer here we get 28c temps over night, I prsonally perfere the 25c temps the best, they just perfect. I think its unually colder this year here. I dont have heating and cooling where I sit in my house, in the dinning area. We have no space for me and my laptop anywhere else, so I just have a blanket over my lap and just throw on extra jackets for warmth. We do have heating and cooling, but they in other rooms. I wont sit comfortably in a lounge chair with laptop on my lap anyway, best at the kitchen table. But at least i can rug up if need be, still cold though :steammocking: