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-Please do not add me to bug me to make you Workshop items for SFM or especially Gmod .
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Blaze Oct 20 @ 1:06am 
Yeah, Sadly :/ Well, Thanks for your answer! I'll try my best to Maybe possibly find another link somewhere, thanks for your help ^^
✨Spooky-Majora✨ Oct 20 @ 12:59am 
I believe that's in Ninja Nub's MGSV: GZ Snake pack. It's from GMod but there was a direct link on Facepunch, which is gone now.
Blaze Oct 20 @ 12:57am 
I asked Folkye, but he told me to ask You, since it might be a model from GMod, but it's the model in the first screenshot of this addon https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=472921181&tscn=1571556012
The Snake model, I haven't seen one like that on the SFM Workshop anywhere
✨Spooky-Majora✨ Oct 20 @ 12:52am 
Which model?
Blaze Oct 20 @ 12:39am 
Yo, Wanted to ask you real quick to see if you could let me know which model you used in a certain poster, I wont be a bother for too long, just curious to where you got it from
...--... Oct 8 @ 10:54pm