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If you are considering this game based on reviews and review scores on steam, first consider looking at the accounts making the review and gauge their legitimacy for yourself.
Many seem to solely exist simply for Vendetta -Curse of Ravens cry and it's publisher (with the rest of their account games untouched and never played)


Note: This game was already released around 10 months ago as "Raven's Cry", one of the worst rated games on Steam. If you are new to this title, please take that as warning as the store page for "Vendetta" makes no mention of this. If you would like to see what the original release was like, please see the video linked below (which I made for the original release which has since been Deleted).

I feel really bad for this developer. They try so hard to fix this mess of a game, but it would have probably been better to just walk away. Instead, they decided to re-release Raven's cry under a different name and try to pretend it's a different game. Well, it's not.

There have been improvements made, which is great, but these could have easily been applied as a patch so it does not justify being renamed and released again. So why try and release this as a different game? It's simply a way for them to try and erase their past and all the extremely bad reviews the original release was bombarded with. Now that all the old reviews are deleted and gone, they have distanced themselves from their failures and are trying again.

The game still screams "Budget title" with poor vocal talent, terrible animations and glitchy NPCS. Quests are still boring and the only redeeming feature it has is the ship battles - Just like the original release.


Changes have indeed been made, but nothing that warrants a new release.

* NPCS now all have full voicing and don't just go silent with missing vocal tracks.
* Quests (that I have played so far) are no longer broken and causing the game to be unfinishable.
* Islands are no longer barren and void of content, and now have random animals to fight
* Animations have been changed too, but not for the better. In fact, it seems worse. Instead of the characters being flat and boring when talking, they now flail their arms around like mad men, over emphasizing gestures to a laughable degree.

But again... all of this could have been (and should have been) added in a patch. There are still many bugs with NPCS getting caught on objects and clipping through furniture, twice I had to reload a previous save game and lose my progress, all because I was pushed behind an object that I couldn't get out of.

I might amend this review at a later date, but at 5 hours of gameplay I could never recommend this game to anyone. If you are oblivious to all the warning signs and really really want to give this a try, then MAYBE wait until the price drops by 80% during a sale.



My experience the first time this game was released:

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after a specific amount the steam client gets an script error since it acts like a browser
try viewing there list on an actual browser itll say script error end the error and should load :catwink:
works for games list, wishlist, inventory
Ocean Jan 20 @ 4:32pm 
how come you have 12 thousand games and how come my entire steam app crashes when i try to look at them??
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