Jordan   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hello, I am mostly known as Spartan.
From 2010 I was joined steam to play TF2.
I joined the community F-o-G and played actively from 2010-2017.

After F-o-G ended I sunk more hours in to WoW but recently felt nostalgic and started playing TF2 and CSGO again.

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Wxy Vor 12 Stunden 
Wxy 10. Feb. um 11:15 
Take a rope to ur neck u 60 yo sad ♥♥♥♥
Enjoyker#SaveTF2 30. Jan. um 3:07 
looks like someones had their feelings hurt ↓
Wxy 9. Jan. um 7:58 
off ur self ♥♥♥♥♥♥
IsLeafOn? 26. Aug. 2018 um 14:57 
lol.. how did i even find you again
Enjoyker#SaveTF2 1. Jan. 2018 um 13:42 
Yeah, he is.