[PN] Blue the Pestilent
Blue   Christmas Island
Personal Discord [discord.gg] (also for stuff related to my fork of VSH2)
Profile picture was made by RoseFluffDraws [www.deviantart.com] DerpHed aka Blue AlphaDesu.
I'm wasting way too much time useless things :eagleangry: [saxguy.thebluekr.nl]
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TheBluekr (STEAM_0:1:63807812)
About me:
Fortress of Gamers - Ex-Admin and Ex-Server Manager of Versus Saxton Hale
Public Nemesis - Server Manager of Versus Saxton Hale 2
•Steam profile is level 60
•Join date is 1 April 2013 (This is not a joke)
•+4k Hours in Team Fortress 2 (I wasted my life on this)
•Name almost never changes (Atleast contains Blue)
•My SteamRep [steamrep.com] is clean
•I got only one alt, BlueBot which I never will use to add or trade with someone.
•I'm a brony. If you ask, Derpy/Ditzy is best pony. And no, I am not gay or bi if you think that now.
•I like to collect Showstopper Taunts and don't plan to sell them. Please don't ask if I trade them.
My Discord [discord.gg], join also there regarding VSH2
Notorious for breaking my own code 20 times before fixing it

Before adding:
Comment below or on my OP trades so I know about which items or why you're adding (quit trading long time ago)
•Private profiles will be blocked without exceptions
•Marked Scammers will be blocked
•Profiles of level 2 or lower will not be accepted without posting a reason
•Phishers will be blocked, removed and reported
•Do NOT add me regarding advertising for gambling sites.

In case you were removed:
•I didn't talk in a long time or know you from anything (Feel free to add like mentioned above with a reason)

List of funny things that have been said about me:
:steamsalty: GinTheNinja : not gg u are hacker :S (VSH)
:steamsalty: Mittens : Doesn't help when blukr is constantly up my arse tbh
TheBluekr : B)
Pablo The Wizard: I like your ponies, they're pretty
:cure: shotgun : i'd like to be a pony
W.H.I.T.E™: I like your ponis too.
Brezz : i like ur flairs pretty nice
Günter : Blue
Günter : noice flairs u got there
[VIP] yperz! : nice ponies
:cure: Brezz : <3 ur flairs
Brezz : 12.5/10
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[PN] Blue the Pestilent Aug 20 @ 1:29am 
Solid Snake Aug 19 @ 5:44pm 
Bluekr? More like ShoeKr.
[PN] Blue the Pestilent Jun 21 @ 10:51am 
Do I know you?
•ƝLL | ✪SeltrA Jun 21 @ 9:56am 
+rep nice inventory m8
Reserved Jun 20 @ 12:41am 
Hi, I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!
Brezz Jun 18 @ 9:20am 
+rep Cute artworks and great friend, :kalove: