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Counterstrike 1.6 Results

2nd PlusVee WCG Perth Sep 2003
8/12th PlusVee WCG Perth Nationals Sep 2003
1st 1337 Legis Pacis Jun 2004
3rd dyxlesics WCG Perth Qualifier Aug 2005
3rd clanzoo Bash At The Beach Feb 2005
1st velociRaptors.mix pESNC Perth Mar 2005
1st SNAG.mix ESWC Adelaide Jul 2005
1st Gameover Rumble in Rocko #1 Sep 2005
1st Gameover pESNC Perth #2 Feb 2006
7/8th Gameover pES Nationals Cup Feb 2006
1st Farmers Rumble in Rocko #2 Mar 2006
1st PlusVee pES Out West Mar 2006
1st 45 pES Out West Apr 2006
1st PlusVee ESWC Perth May 2006
1st PlusVee WizardWeb Online Comp July 2006
1st PlusVee WCG Perth Aug 2006
5/8 PlusVee WCG Nationals Sep 2006
1st pES Out West Nov 2006
1st pES Out West Feb 2007
2nd ESWC Perth Mar 2007
3/4th StensGaming Invite Apr 2007
2nd AINC Perth Jun 2007
1st WCG Perth #1 Jul 2007
1st WCG Perth #2 Jul 2007
5/6th WCG Nationals Aug 2007
1st ACNC Perth Oct 2007
3/4th ACNC Nationals Nov 2007
1st SEQUENTIAL AINC Perth #1 Mar 2008
1st MATCHPOINT Kode5 Perth Dec 2008
Retired Feb 2009

PlusVee Lineups
AOi, Naruto, refundeR, Tr4nc3, snyper[c]
neemz, Tr4nc3, nofriends, Pjaze, snyper[c] Lineup
azza, xsiv, flametroy, ferg, snyper[c]

Counterstrike CSS Results

1st 23 WCG Perth Tour Stop Jun 2005
1st 23 WCG Adelaide Tour Stop Jul 2005
1st 23 WCG.AU Transtasman Finals Sep 2005
1st Advantage EGN BYOC Jul 2007
2nd We The Kings.mix Gamers Choice Jul 2008
1st Tension AINC WA Qualifiers April 2009
2nd Tension AINC Nationals July 2009
1st Tension Gamers Choice Sep 2009
1st SEQUENTIAL GENCON Brisbane Sep 2009
2nd SEQUENTIAL eGames Code Black Masters Oct 2009
1st SEQUENTIAL CEVO Professional Season 5 Nov 2009
1st We The Kings.mix Gamers Choice Nov 2009
1st SEQUENTIAL ReloadedLAN Jan 2010
1st SEQUENTIAL Cybergamer MSI Championship Cup Finals Jun 2010
1st SEQUENTIAL Cybergamer MegaComp 4 ODC Aug 2010
1st SEQUENTIAL Tt-Esport Global Challenge Qualifier Oct 2010
1st SEQUENTIAL SublimePCGear Season 1 Nov 2010
1st SEQUENTIAL CyberGamer Season 2 Nov 2010
1st SEQUENTIAL GIGAbyte National Qualifier #1 Nov 2010
3rd SEQUENTIAL GIGAbyte National Dec 2010
1st EXILE5 Cybergamer Season 4 Mar 2011
1st EXILE5 GotGames Nationals Jul 2011
1st EXILE5 Cybergamer MSI ODC #3 Aug 2011
2nd EXILE5 Cybergamer Turbo Professional Nov 2011
1st & MVP Immunity Cybergamer Nationals Jan 2012
1st Immunity Cybergamer Professional Season 6 May 2012
3rd/4th Immunity Cybergamer Nationals Aug 2012
1st Immunity Cybergamer Season 7 Aug 2012
Retired Aug 2012

Sequential Gaming CSS 2009 Lineup
ox1, KiLLeR, PaDz, shadzke, snyper[c]

Sequential Gaming CSS 2010 Lineup
emagine, KiLLeR, Havoc, shadzke, snyper[c]

EXILE5 CSS 2011 Lineup
Dripske, ZoltaN, MoeyCQ, ouCH, snyper[c]

Team Immunity CSS 2012 Lineup
Spunj, MoeyCQ, Havoc[c], ZoltaN, snyper

Counterstrike Global Offensive Results

1st Immunity CS:GO Exhibition Cup Apr 2012
1st Voxeminor GTeSport Premier ODC Aug 2012
1st Voxeminor Respawn LAN 25 Sep 2012
1st Voxeminor PantheonES Inaugural Oct 2012
1st Voxeminor CyberGamer Pro ODC Feb 2013
1st Voxeminor CyberGamer Pro League S1 Mar 2013
1st Voxeminor CyberGamer Pro ODC April 2013
1st Voxeminor HyperX Kingston Tournament May 2013
1st Voxeminor Ozone ODC July 2013
1st Voxeminor CyberGamer Pro League S2 Sep 2013
1st Voxeminor MSI Beat IT Oceania Qualifier Sep 2013
4th Voxeminor MSI Beat IT Grand Finals Nov 2013
8-16th Voxeminor DreamHack Winter BYOC Nov 2013
13-16th Voxeminor IEM EMS One Katowice Mar 2014
1st Voxeminor CG ODC Mar 2014
2nd SY&b VoxPlay Rnd 3 Apr 2014
2nd Immunity ESL One Oceania Qualifier Jul 2014
1st Immunity CyberGamer Premier League S2 Oct 2014
2nd Immunity Azubu Masters Finals Nov 2014
1st Immunity PG Invitational Mar 2015
1st Immunity FACEIT International OCE Qual 1 Apr 2015
5/6th Immunity FACEIT International Stage 1 Finals May 2015
5/6th Immunity DreamHack Tours BYOC May 2015
5/10th Immunity Gfinity Spring Masters II May 2015
1st Immunity ACL Sydney Qualifier Group B l May 2015
1st Immunity ESL One Asia Qualifier Group B May 2015
13/16th Immunity ESL One Cologne Finals Aug 2015
9/12th Immunity DreamHack Open Qualifier Sep 2015
2nd Immunity Crown $55k Invitational Oct 2015
2nd Immunity FACEIT Stage 3 OCE Qual Oct 2015
2nd Immunity CyberGamer Pro League S4 Nov 2015
1st Immunity CounterPit League OCE Qualifier Dec 2015
2nd Immunity IEM ESL Taipei OCE Qualifier Jan 2016
1st Legacy AGGN Razerzone ODC March 2016
1st Legacy Dismay ODC March 2016
2nd Athletico ESEA Moutain Dew Qualfier April 2017
1st Athletico ESL AUNZ S3 Championship Qualifier May 2017

VOXEMINOR CSGO 2012-2014 Lineup
AZR, TopguN, Havoc, Spunj[c], snyper

Team Immunity CSGO 2014-2016 Lineup
Rickeh, James, USTILO, emagine, snyper[c]

Athletico Esports 2017 Lineup
NikkeZ, Jokes, Iyen, Zedzke, snyper[c]
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