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I'm just a gamer who loves playing games and talking about them too. Some of my favorite games are from Telltale games like The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands and one of my favorite games is Hotline Miami. So if you want to chat with me about games feel free to add me up. Negative people are not welcome.

I also love writing reviews for games. I also love writing scripts for movies and stories and hope one day I can share the stories I have to tell with the world.

Some fun facts about me:
I'm a massive fan of Borderlands
Best movies of 2017 so far - Get Out, John Wick 2, Logan, Split
Worst movie of 2017 so far- Resident Evil Final Chapter, xXx return of Xander Cage, Rings
Favorite food- Steak
Favorite TV Show- Hard to choose but it's a tie between Breaking Bad and Mr. Robot
Favorite Game of all time- Hotline Miami 2
Favorite movie of all time- Back to the Future
Worst movie I have seen- Manos Hand of Fate
Best movie of 2015- Mad Max Fury Road , Star Wars The Force Awakens just can't decided
Worst movie of 2015 - Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension
Best movies of 2016: Hardcore Henry, Green Room, Deadpool, Don't Breathe, Rogue One A Star Wars story
Worst movies of 2016: Blair Witch, The Forest, Mechanic Resurrection, Suicide Squad.
Favorite Band- AC/DC
Favorite Animated movie- The Iron Giant
Favorite Cartoon- Regular Show
Most underrated movie I have seen- Chappie

Challenges don't scare me. I have finished some of the hardest games ever made. Some of my accomplishments:

Super Meat Boy
Super Hexagon
Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number (Hard Mode)
Takedown: Red Sabre
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

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The Last NightMary is a horror point and click adventure where you try to escape a beast trying to kill you.


You play as Maria. She is back in her hometown to visit her ill mother, but finds herself at the center of a local curse, where a mythical beast Crispim is trying to kill 7 virgins by the name of Mary.

The story itself is rather interesting and the notes you find throughout the game give fairly nice depth for the story, but it doesn't explore the mythology as much as I wanted it to, so it's definitely pretty disappointing.


The game is hand drawn and I love the art style. The environments are well drawn, even though most of it looks the same. You mostly go through tall grass fields and rarely see any other environments. The two other places you visit is a river side and an abandoned house.

I liked the hand drawn art style, but I wish there was more variety in the environments, cause going through the tall grass mazes constantly gets rather tedious, because as I said, all of it looks pretty much the same.


This is where my biggest gripe with the game begins. The music in the game is royalty free and is pretty much used in every low budget indie horror game I've played and every time I hear it, I instantly roll my eyes, because of how much it's overused.

Other sound effects at least help build a nice atmosphere, like the river running, crickets chirping from time to the time. Also the game has voice acting, but it's in portuguese so I can't comment on how good it is, but from the people I talk to say the voice acting is pretty bad.


The Last NightMary is a point and click adventure game, where you go around collect items and use them somewhere else to solve puzzles. It's all really basic stuff and there's nothing really special about this game.

But the puzzle and overall game design is a mixed bag. First the puzzles range in difficulty from really easy, to kind of stupid. Most of the puzzles basically give you the answer on what you have to do, like coming across a hole and the main character will say something like ''I need a shovel''. But a few other puzzles are kind of hard to understand and become slightly difficult.

Another problem is the before mentioned tall grass maze. You begin the game in this maze and all of it looks the same and you have to go around and click on it wildly to navigate it. It's possible to learn the routes to the different locations, but it takes some time because there's a lot of ground to cover.

Also let's talk about the main guy Crispim. He sometimes pops up randomly and tries to kill you, but it's so easy to avoid him, he becomes more of an annoyance because he sometimes forces you off the trail you wanted to take.


The Last NightMary is ok at best. There's nothing really special about this game and a lot of is actually pretty bland. The puzzles aren't well designed and the grass maze is annoying. But the story is interesting and there's multiple endings to get and the atmosphere is pretty decent. Overall on a sale, I suggest giving this game a shot.

+ Atmosphere is pretty good
+ Story is pretty decent

- The grass maze is annoying
- Puzzles aren't really well designed

Final Rating:

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