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I watched the extensive list of credits. All of it. Thank you to each and every one of you for making FH5 a reality.
Posted November 9, 2021.
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First, to my Hardcore "Simulation Only" friends, I shook my head "no" too. Several Forza Horizons and Motorsports have came and went before I gave this a try simply because it is arcade.

This is "anti-arcade" mentality is something I used to suffer from. Forza 4 cured it. This is currently the best overall driving experience if you are being honest with yourself and those that you pretend care about your virtual driving.

If you want to have big fun in a vehicle... this and the term "big fun" are for you. If you have the perfect "sim" but wish it had more freedom.... get this. If your favorite "simcade" title does not have your favorite car... this probably does... go get it.

Catch me in traffic.
-insert tacky soundcloud link (dont we all have one?) for theme music-
Posted June 20, 2021.
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This is more interesting than the current description makes it out to be. If you like to look at detail, this is for you. If you just want to relax, this is for you. If you have no idea what this is but hope it's nothing bad, don't worry, this is for you as well. It is probably how most of us will experience art galleries for a while.
Posted August 23, 2020.
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Wasn't sure I was going to like this game. Quickly found you can't go wrong with Grid. Yes, all of your virtual driving stuff will work with it.
Posted August 18, 2020.
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There are several reasons why I will still play this after all of these years.....

Multiple disciplines:

- Street racing. (Any vehicle except for the oval cars are welcome. No opinion one way or the other on this BUT I'd drive it like I stole it and had to outrun them if they were allowed here)

- Track day type circuit racing (if only they allowed the oval racing cars here as well, circuits are part of NASCAR dagummit)

- Oval racing (with oval track only cars, we need a track day situation here so any vehicle, regardless of it's nonsense level can drive fast on a banked oval and like it.)

- Drifting (They let you drift anything here. If you can drive it, do not be afraid to get sideways in it.)

- Off road racing (If only we were allowed to drive any vehicle here regardless of the damage it will do to the car itself just driving it. We all would have to ignore the fact that street cars do not race on sand or do they? There are two ways to find out.)

- Drag racing (As far as I can tell, you can drag anything other than the oval cars. I cannot say that I would not want to drag them but I understand they are not made for that and would be more of an annoying imbalance than a novel smile inducing bit of fun like the forklift. Still it would be fun until it wasn't)

- Ego stroking top speed highway racing (The Tokyo Highway. I've driven it a few times. It is the only track that has distinctly different fastest lines for different cars. It is more than mashing the gas and making that first turn. Much more. It is spiritual once it is understood or so i'm told. I would's know, I barely drive it.)

A variety of locations:

You can race on streets, dirt, sand, mud, snow, drag strips, highways, traditional racing circuits, country roads, Downtown Los Angeles and nonsense such as construction yards, airports and too much more to list without sounding like an advertisement.

Car Selection:

There are various street vehicles that range from almost fast to pucker up in terms of speed.

There are various off road vehicles that range from ha ha ha ha to holy #$^#& this thing is awesome in terms of fun.

The drift cars actually do just that. You can drive them outside of drifting, it can be comedy.

There are a few novelty vehicles. These should only be driven by the most patient of us. They make the slowest car look almost like a ten second dragster. If only we had a way to add one upgrade, the nonsense upgrade to the novelty vehicles to make them nonsensically fast. A golf cart that can hit 140-160 mph would be the stuff of legend. It does not have to be stable or safely operable at that speed.

Project torque is not trying to be rF2, AC or anything else deemed a simulator. Project Torque in its current form is not going to win any graphic or sound awards. Project Torque is not for training on real world tracks. What Project Torque Has that no one else has is the sheer amount of fun to be had. More fun than any other driving title to date in my opinion.

If you read this far you might as well give it a go. You could have picked your first car by now.
Posted March 31, 2020. Last edited May 1, 2020.
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I bought this purely because of the negative reviews. So far, this is the most fun I've had with a basketball. Since I do not have any intention of trying to be the best in the world in a basketball game, played in an office chair, online was of no concern. The career so far is a nice little story, it in itself is arguably worth the purchase price with all the exploration and interaction with the surroundings. This is really 5 games in one as you can play standard basketball with the real league players, you can make your own players, you can play outside of the traditional NBA locations and you can manage the team/league/etc. as you see fit. In all honesty, making my player was enough fun by itself to offset some of the cost. If you want to play some basketball but do not feel like leaving the house, this is for you.
Posted June 28, 2019.
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Before I talk about Dirt 2 I would like to take this time to blame my 6 month old son for my stage and lap times. It is very difficult to hold a child while racing. Pit stops around here do not always pertain to vehicles. With that out of the way, on to Dirt 2.

The first thing I did (as with any title) was go to options and make sure everything is what I want it to be. Other than the refresh rate, Dirt 2 had the settings right where I would have set them for the first run. If only turning the skidmarks down would affect these diapers. Anyway, setting up the wheel was easy. With the steering ratio 1:1 as always, the car will do what I want it to do when I need it to do it. I use a flight stick as a handbrake and that was recognized and working with no fuss.

There is no need to read any of this. Codemasters allows you to drive a rally Porsche, Camaro and Aston Martin, all Rally GT spec. Jump a Camaro? IM IN. Back on topic.

The events are fun if you are into driving like a lunatic. I am. Daily, weekly and monthly events along with the careers make for more rally than you can throw some dirt at. Terrible attempt at humor but hopefully you get the point. If you are into rally or just want to leave the ground in a vehicle that requires staying on the ground to control, this is for you. Thank you Codemasters.
Posted March 18, 2019.
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This picks up a little after where JC3 left off. I will not spoil any of that. What I will spoil is the vehicles and weapons and gadgets. You can drive everything. You have weapons that are wide ranging from non lethal to beyond silly. Your grappler now has accessories that make this game hilarious. There is more than one plot as with JC3, the difference is these plots are alot more fun. This is possibly the most fun I've had blowing stuff up. As with the previous title the controls are fluid and allow for fast response to any and every thing around you.

I recommend this to everyone who enjoyed JC3 and/or likes to play in an almost sandbox type of enviornment. I also recommend this to those who like to be creative with destruction and/or disposal of the enemy. Where else can you attach a rocket propelled balloon to someone while they are shooting at you?

side note... if Rico really goes to "take down" who he said he wants to "take down" at the end of JC4... I'm all in for JC5.
Posted February 23, 2019. Last edited November 26, 2019.
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I know I was late to the party. It is because third person action of any kind normally does not appeal to me but I was curious due to videos and screenshots. There was a sale so I figured it might at worst be a waste of a few dollars. From the beginning, Rico proved me wrong. Apparently I love third person action and this was something I could have bought at full price and been happy.

There is more than one plot, there is non linear game play and there are vehicles. Those 3 things alone were something to smile about as long as it is done right. They did it right. The transition between walking, flying, driving, shooting, grappling is fluid which allows for completely insane (in a good way) freedom of movement. You can destroy things, lots and lots of things. I could not stop playing with the wingsuit. Flew around for an hour looking at the scenery. That is just a small example of the freedom you have.

I recommend this to everyone who likes things a little more extreme. Rico makes Rambo look like a slacker.
Posted February 23, 2019.
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Early Access Review
There is a certain age where you should not be mini golfing. It just looks odd especially if you are alone and male. I am talking to the 18-60 year old demographic. To put it plainly, children and young adults cannot enjoy themselves if you are there. Golf Galore satisfies my urge to mini golf. There is no walking to look for the ball that they will charge me for if lost. There are no weird stains to avoid on the worn out fake grass. You do not have to park just far enough away to get scratches and coyote dung on your vehicle and still pay for the parking space. You can take as much time as you like while putting. The upsides are vast. This particular game is not too hard to play nor is it so easy that you will crave a challenge. I recommend this to anyone who likes miniature buildings and the fun of navigating a small round object through them with the swing of a funny shaped stick.
Posted July 14, 2018.
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