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oszorrobln 5 hours ago 
Carpe Diem, be happy today.
Topskiiii` Nov 14 @ 1:12pm 
Ommfe Nov 13 @ 3:44pm 
"Break their game"?Sorry,what?I did not anything to break your game.Killed only 15 cops and was giving an "Inspire" buff.

I'm not angry of justified kicks.But this game was an exception.
Using mods and kicking for mods (as i was saying,IN THIS DEAD GAME) is a degenerate's act.24 y.o. degenerate's act.
I'm not angry at all.
Just trying to understand the logic of these individual clowns.What was that dullard(oops,i made that mistake,talking about Topskii again) like.
And i still can't figure that out.
Ommfe Nov 13 @ 3:43pm 
="Carry Stacker"?What the heck are you talking about?
(first of all,No Mercy have no bags to use it,but that's not important)
I can give you a screenshot of my mod list - TBH,most of them are for performance.If you'll find any marks to Carry Stacker - sure,you deserve The Ig Nobel Prize for that.I think,you know,what is it.
=If you wanted to "Play as Developers wanted",why didn't you delete all your mods and close the access for people with this stuff.PD2 have a single checkbox to solve this problem through lobby creating.
[ah,i remember,"biomass",oh,sorry,Topskii was the host of this game.Whatever.Same question to him.]
Ommfe Nov 13 @ 3:43pm 
=I'm using BLM for damage impact on DS.Limiting my HP for more damage.

(in fact,doesn't matter,whenever i use BLM or "Frenzy" - i can survive only 2 bullet from Heavy Swat,or not.This is a question of wasting time for hurting myself to activate "Berserker" skill.)

{As i remember,the heist was "No Mercy" on DW,not DS.Using Frenzy - i can survive more bullets and can regenerate (f-aid kits,for example).Using BLM i have no opportunity to heal but doing more damage.It's an eqivalent exchange.In additional,i won't have any resists from Frenzy using this mod.}
[at the end,those points for Frenzy were used on Overkill Ace for faster weapon switching.]
Shaklin Nov 13 @ 7:30am 
If I remember it right, you got kicked for 'Berserker live matters' and 'Carry Stacker'.
I can understand when some mechanics in the game are boring or annoying.
Like carrying bags or limited pagers and cable ties.
But that's the game, that's what the developers wanted. Most players, including me, would like to play it that way. That's a part of the game and we have to deal with it.
And if you enter a public lobby with such "mods", you have to expect to be kicked.
That is the right of the host.
Don't be angry, just open your own lobby and do not bother other players and do not break their game.