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chews ice for fun


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I hit legend in hearthstone lmao
fùkua/squigly - skullgirls
duck hunt - ssbu
omen/killjoy - valorant

ask me about the stain on my shirt

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~ Competitive Experience ~
Team Fortress 2: 6v6
Season 16 UGC-Steel: Metabyte 6's
Season 21 UGC-Steel: Metabyte 6's
Season 22 UGC-Steel: Dabbin' Desperados
Season 23 UGC-Silver: P E N I S B O Y
Season 24 ESEA either open or intermediate I can't find it
Season 3 RGL-Intermediate: meat.

Team Fortress 2: Highlander
Former Captain of Newtonian Mailboxes HL
Season 19 UGC-Steel: Evergreen Oldboys
Season 20 UGC-Steel: Newtonian Mailboxes
ETF2L Highlander Open 2: Newtonian Mailboxes
Season 8 RGL-Main: nuke
Season 9 RGL-Main: we lost

I also played prolander lmao

2019 HSEL Fall Major: Westview Wolverines
2019 Open-Division: DeathFire Esports

I don't really play games anymore
yes I still have all your quotes :letsroll:

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6.4 hrs on record
last played on Jun 25
2.3 hrs on record
last played on Jun 24
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last played on Jun 23
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boyke Jun 11, 2020 @ 3:43pm 
+ rep good trader
root Apr 27, 2020 @ 3:03pm 
i have lost all hope, all is lost, nice ♥♥♥♥ buddy
shiloh Apr 25, 2020 @ 10:33pm 
hope you're staying safe my dude
root Apr 15, 2020 @ 4:46pm 
update your profile stupid you're playing tf2 right now
shiloh Apr 6, 2019 @ 11:37am 
<3 <3