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Hi can you please save this channel by getting it to 1000 subscribers thanks (thank Google's new policies...)

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19:06 - roboMWM: singleplayer loner hurrrrrrrrr
19:08 - [SGR] NSÆN BlueBomber: HUR HUR HUR
19:08 - [SGR] NSÆN BlueBomber: BETS GAME NA
Keys hit 17 ref while I was gone? Lol.

I didn't even know this existed:

Seriously how is everyone getting hacked nowadays?
Number of people on my friends list hacked: 6+ idk I don't keep track anymore

I started back in Dec. 2012 to check out TF2, and I've got to say, I really enjoy it! I love team-oriented games :D I often play support roles, such as Engineer, Medic and Spy. (2014 edit: I don't play spy because I'm impatient and I'm playing other classes because all I want to do is kill other virtual characters and make them mad and make me feel all powerful and stuff because I have nothing better to do with myself wurrrrrr)

Anyhow, here's some other information about stuff:

- Windows 8 is pretty awesome - in fact, I've only used Steam on Windows 8. Come on Gabe, stop hatin'. They should have a Windows badge or something in TF2. Oh, and a Windows Phone app would be nice.

- I'm pretty knowledgeable in technology overall, generally mostly in the Windows OS.

- I run a few servers; see the Tech Fortress group. Also, administrating is difficult work at times, especially when updates are jammed in your face *cough*Steampipe*ahem*

- People often misspell my username, like robomvm, or roboman, or some other weird stuff. (The story of this username... It's quite old.. but since I'm not the best with making new ideas, I decided to use it for Steam.)

Here's my YouTube channel. Check it out:

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Hello! Here's what I'm selling:

- Sanctum
- Sanctum 2
- Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
- Portal 2 Sold for 3 keys. (Couple years later, it goes for 4+ keys now. Dang, am sad.)
- 22 Gems Sold for 0.16 ref
- Things in the first 2 pages of my TF2 backpack (as viewed via - if viewing via steam, it's all of the items up to the haunted metal scrap.)

I'm looking to buy marketable items (e.g. TF2 supply crate keys, trading cards, crates, etc.)

Please make an offer - I haven't been involved in the trading scene for several years now so idk the market much nowadays.

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YouTube channel that needs saving
YouTube channel of boringness

Um yea I run servers and stuff, and I generally only buy games to give to friends nowadays (usually co-op games) - (broke and have no friends) though since steam gifts are no longer a thing anymore apparently, I have to get steam credit and wait for sales to do that now so yea. And yes I'm selling games that I thought my friends would play but I guess they aren't interested in so yeaaaa.

Very good games you should play:
- Runner2
- Bit.Trip (series)
- A Hat in Time
- Portal & Portal 2
- Psychonauts
- Awesomenauts
- TF2ware (TF2 mod, see my Tech Fortress group for IP)

Interesting games:
- Sanctum/Sanctum 2 - a tower defense/fps hybrid
- Um can't think right now, see reviews I guess.

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roboMWM Feb 22, 2019 @ 7:05pm 
uh did u look at the group I'm in?
ziggyevolved Feb 20, 2019 @ 1:29pm 
where is you server?
DoggoDoBoop Apr 1, 2018 @ 4:49pm 
One day... I will be a great spy... (queue video "Spy's Creed")... and that spy will have a Fez. Fez makes me think of fuz, which makes me think of fuzzy, so therefore the hat must be fuzzy.
roboMWM Jan 3, 2018 @ 4:06pm 
yes i entrances two
TobsterDolphin Jan 3, 2018 @ 3:41pm 
You do exits in a univeres, right?