June 22, 2013
United Kingdom (Great Britain) 

In-game MOTD advertising that's more rewarding and has a better experience

Made by one dedicated game player, MOTDgd is set out to be a fairly customisable and rewarding asset to community owners with one or more gameservers. Unlike some, we realise that servers aren’t objects that grow on trees, we realise they cost money, so we’re here to try and help offset that.

We support Garry's Mod (LUA plugin), and some other Source engine based games (Sourcemod plugin).

Why choose us?
- Our advertising is more focused towards young people and gamers.
- We use our own ad server technology, not LiveRail or a third party solution. We also dynamically prioritise our ad sources in each geographical region in real-time, therefore serving the best choice to the person requesting an advertisement at that time.
- Members can request early payment (paid by next day), subject to us having available funds and certain criteria.
- We offer competitive CPM rates for popular countries, such as the USA, Canada and United Kingdom. We also serve some regions which are generally undesirable to common advertisers, such as Russia (which is averaging at $2.30 CPM).
- We offer statistics in near real-time and closely monitor for unusual activity.
- We tend to show advertisements which are more relevant to a young audience, or gamers in general.
- We have a referral scheme which currently offers 10% of what the referred user earns, excluding their referral earnings.
- We have a clean interface and MOTD advertisement page, we intend to follow the K.I.S.S rule (keep it simple stupid).
- MOTDgd is run by a gamer, developed by a gamer, made for other gamers.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now if you're a community owner that runs Source gameservers such as Team Fortress 2, or if you wish to earn from our referral scheme!
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Audio only advertisements are on the way
UPDATE: Stepping down from my position
Patrick Jun 19 @ 10:34am 
What is your user ID? Please create a support ticket as there may be a specific reason for this, ad fill is great currently globally.
NeonHeights Jun 11 @ 3:37pm 
Why are ads barely paying anything this month? Im only getting like 10% of what I normally do
http://vk.id255623258 Apr 16 @ 7:03am 
LUA Plugin (Garry’s Mod) Version: 2.07 (5th August 2015)
http://vk.id255623258 Apr 16 @ 7:03am 
Sourcemod Plugin (Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Day of Defeat Source, L4D2, Team Fortress 2, BrainBread 2)
Version: 2.5.3 (11th Apr 2017)
We offer a Sourcemod plugin to make it easy to install MOTDgd advertisements on your game server. If you find a Source game that isn’t working correctly with this plugin or are a Sourcepawn coder and have something to contribute then please email paul.l[at] .

Download the plugin at
犬走 椛 (Momiji) Apr 2 @ 3:36am 
Early payment this month?
Witek46 Feb 20 @ 7:26am