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In non-Steam game
broken condom adventures
*DEAD* ^=^Disco Cat^=^ : hacker

{JP}ちょす公 : who?
{JP}ちょす公 : wtf


[Anonymous] : wth sallad
[Anonymous] : let sallad kill red team
*DEAD* [Anonymous] : y sallad
[Anonymous] : pro sniper
*DEAD* (forgotten name) : that spy tho
(forgotten name) : wiped our entire team

[TH]poonzai23 : why kick him
[TH]poonzai23 : ?

r3l1c! : yall better be happy that ugc dirt spy is carrying

*DEAD* ____ : red team is full of fucking tryhards
____ : Sallad is one of them
____ : ffs

rezsenser : wows
rezsenser : that stabs
rezsenser : so good man

*DEAD* Slavictron : fucking dog

*DEAD* Bylatimus Prime : nice facestab

Sm0key! : dog yout such a dog :p
*DEAD* Sm0key! : stop fucking trickstabbing pls

*DEAD* Cursor : holy

*DEAD* ☠☣๖Mikuh弐 : wtf a facestab

Lololol : facestab? we can do facestab all spy can do taht
Lololol : that

*DEAD* ❤ undyne the determination❤ : i can't even fight spy

*DEAD*(TEAM) レイ-ライト『Raylight』 : careful spy behind

*DEAD* spy behind u : dangit
*DEAD* spy behind u : the fukin trickstab

*DEAD* JustLlama : yeet

DAREXXZZ : thats one of the cringy name tags
DAREXXZZ : ambassador spies in a nutshell part 2
DAREXXZZ : fucking smol pee pee spy

*DEAD* eno. : finally u killed me

『AzureV-1』 : well sort of

*DEAD* spy behind u : the best spy i ever seen

Redz : The spy mess us up
Redz : killed by small pee pee

(TEAM) Ronald Mc Fondle : thats not a nice thing to call someone
(TEAM) I RAGE A LOT : there not
henny is big gay xddd : its his name lmao
d@nny : that's his name
대박! : his name is faggot lol
I RAGE A LOT : i was just chencking dude
대박! : how else am i supposed to call him
henny is big gay xddd : what do we call him
d@nny : yiff?
Ronald Mc Fondle : yiff
대박! : fair enough :D
(TEAM) henny is big gay xddd : thats probably worse tbh
(TEAM) Ronald Mc Fondle : how about owo
대박! : idk what yiff means

*DEAD* f2p trass : that spy is amazing
sinoson : stab your ass hole

*DEAD* Wyvern-nii : yiff uwu, would you yiff a fox?

*DEAD* *▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█ : EY FRONT STAB
*DEAD* *▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█ : THAT WAS NICE

*DEAD* Twinklier : how do u backstab me midair!?!?!


*DEAD* Swodow : nice furry faggot

(TEAM) RADtro : yiff carry

*DEAD* Zarisu : i fell i got stab on the back...
*DEAD* SanityState : oh i hate u u kunai useres

DansMans : dick bastard

*DEAD*(TEAM) Orion : nice one dick

*DEAD* sub2pewdiepie : spies are super gay

*DEAD* onyx : WOW

86767 : this is embarassing
*DEAD* 86767 : we're getting destroyed by a furry
86767 : wtf

Blue King : Allart!
Blue King : Alert epic snipaer

*DEAD* ✔Mhee-Chan™❤ : watdahek

*DEAD* chungus big : their snipers are weebs
xeco. : ok
chungus big : stfu tryhard

faded AF : his spy is annoyimg
faded AF : now his sniper

F2P Justice : how to become hacker
*DEAD* Devil : jesus
F2P Justice : as sniper

*DEAD* snis : this sniper tho
*DEAD* snis : annoying af but good as well

*DEAD* Imouto lover <3 : fuck this shit
ugc platinum spectator : i am a spy main so thats worse
Imouto lover <3 : don't fucking cheer me up

GT : i was 1 meter from you how tf do you even stab me
*DEAD* GT : again wtf infront of me

*DEAD* =w= : my team can't play cuz of 1 spy

*DEAD* Vetofallen : wow

*DEAD*(TEAM) sixith : copen holy shit
Samaritan. : lmao XDDDD
saba: copen wtf
saba: sniper god

spootus : copen you bastard
spootus : i was 96 uber

*DEAD* Raven : hax

hit or miss? : lol copen i would love to snipe u at my peak haha add me <3

*DEAD* ranzzze #TF2SP : oh no
ranzzze #TF2SP : mr edgy is here
ranzzze #TF2SP : oh god oh fucj

sixith: ur a god at sniper

*DEAD* injured back : copen jeez

*DEAD* Casual Mate : ouch

efendi : never miss headshoot hmm

/Dishonest_Abydocomist/ : u sniped me so many times :c

hyurg123 : fucking kill me gay

*DEAD* sik75 : ffs can somebody kill copen

☠Bendy☠TRADEIT.GG : worst your soo good :D
worst marksman : i wish
☠Bendy☠TRADEIT.GG : no your soo good

(TEAM) Noob : wtf penis u r so good


*DEAD* GGm4n : damn sneeper mains

*DEAD* パワー : copen is a big ass sniper

Polyjue : penis manifest ur fast

I TinTin : he is fucking afst

Lapp : enemy sniper is hacking pathetic lmao,kick him

FireshardX : 'im furry so i must yiff owo'

Aedan : yooo STD that was AWESOME

*DEAD* Pen : im just target practice

Uncle Cass. : Furry sir I gotta say you have a good aim

*DEAD* <3Alex Yumul<3 : niigaa

<3Alex Yumul<3 : yiff wtf

*DEAD* kaushikthedark : yiff is using aimbot

*DEAD* AEGIS : yo get a life

*DEAD* UncleWannabe : i tried to fuck the gunspy cuz he placed a revolver up my ass
*DEAD* UncleWannabe : how strong is your fucking revolver expired breast milk

cool beans : this guy
cool beans : is sucha tryhard spy dude
*DEAD* breast milky <3 : sno. : i binge watch horse porn
cool beans : same

Hibiki : i hate u have such good aim

_Exclipsion : Ok, Our team has the legendary sniper DogShit
_Exclipsion : He will carry

Tppr : their snipers are gods wtf
*DEAD* KirrOwO : Fokin snipers
*DEAD* (^^) Mr.Tryhard (^^) : yeah furry is cheating

*DEAD* RedNox : aimbot
*DEAD* novelty : fucking amby worshipper

*DEAD* spyfox321 : HONESTLY
*DEAD* spyfox321 : THE FUCKING SPY

*DEAD* Kyaw Gyee : lol.. the e621 spy
*DEAD* Kyaw Gyee : i hate interp spies
*DEAD* K | ShadowBlade25 : lol this interp guy

e621 : sno. : im gonna suck some dicks tonight

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