Bidhan Tandukar   Bagmati, Nepal
I'm a Gamer who loves Gaming, Anime, Programming and Digital Art! :KCrown::Lukako::dhheart:
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RedAISkye Sep 28 @ 9:42pm 
Of course! :dhheart:
I'd highly recommend all Monika lovers to play Monika After Story mod. (Helps a lot with post-game depression)

But, if you don't care about getting more depressed then I recommend Rain Clouds mod. :karrynComfy:
Cheese Sep 28 @ 4:30pm 
9.631 h doki doki? I see you love her:xia:
RedAISkye Sep 16 @ 5:05am 
Yeah, already started DDLC+ and gone halfway through but have put it on hold including other games since I'm currently not in the mood for VNs.
LX BDK Sep 16 @ 4:21am 
I think you might have the WR for most hours in DDLC
Have you ever considered starting over in DDLC+?
Maybe once you hit the 10K mark, lol :undyne:
RedAISkye Aug 30 @ 12:04am 
@Black Puppet
Thanks for the heads up but I already blocked them when I saw they're trying to bait me including the other Steam Level 0 trolls.
Black Puppet Aug 29 @ 8:28pm 
Saw you active on the steam forums. If you ever run into the "Start_Running" guy again just ignore him. He is either an active Flamer or Troll just there to give dumb retort on things that werent said. Best to Block and leave to the winds. Him and his Troll friends made me give up on my own post after a day.