Tokyo, Japan
It’s official, I’ve quit.
I wish you all the absolute best, from the very bottom of my heart.
If you really want to contact me:

-Instagram: @alexemers0n
-Snapchat: @alexemers0n
-G-mail: alexemerson111@gmail.com

Do note that I use Instagram much more frequently. Unfortunately I wont be using discord or any other gaming social media platform.

R.I.P. -October 18th, 2019.
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I would not be here without THEM.
Appah ♥: Appah became my very first trade on this account. He was extremely patient, made an extremely fair offer on my unusual, and was even willing to wait out the 15 day trade hold. While the trade was in progress, unusual taunt prices began to plummet, and Appah could have easily canceled the trade, waited 7 days, and bought the exact same taunt for almost 10 keys cheaper. However, he honored his word and in the long run, helped me immensely to recover from being tricked into purchasing unusual taunts. After completing the trade, I asked Appah if he could gift me premium, as I couldn't buy it due to my trade hold. Just as I began to send him an offer to him for three keys, he suddenly I opened backpack.tf to find that Appah had gifted me a month of premium, completely free of charge. Mad respect for this jump mod who single handedly kick-started my trading career, and is the reason I have managed to attain what I have now. Thank you.

DeviantGuide: After adding Deviant Guide for his unusual through the newly gifted premium, I added him as I was interested in his unusual. He explained to me how the unusual was usually not for sale, but he might be willing to cash it out for keys. I offered him a solid 40 keys, to which he declined. I was dissapointed, as it seemed as though we wouldn't be able to agree on a price afterall. I woke up the next morning, and was baffled at the trade offer he had sent me. Deviant said he didn’t need 40 keys, and that he was willing to give up not only his unusual, but his backpack for a mere 20 keys. It was the craziest and kindest thing I’ve ever seen someone do. I never ended up selling the unusual, and the Anti-Freeze+Roboactive combo for soldier remains the most iconic and extraordinary combo I have to this day.

Mr. Gruff the Athiest Goat: Despite having trouble getting in touch with each other, Gruff was very polite and open to the countless offers I threw at him. After weeks of waiting, we were finally able to reach an agreement, and I ended up picking up the unusual stickybomb launcher that I cherish and use till this day. Gruff is without a doubt, one of the most respectable people I have ever dealt with in my career. After offering him to buy him ANY game under 100$, Gruff went ahead and purchased a pack that would cost me a mere 12$, as he didn’t want to cost me too much, and was satisfied with the single bundle. An absolute ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ G.O.A.T.

Apo: What do you do when you see a ludicrous quicksell but have no pure? Why, you borrow some keys from a friend of course. At the time, only one person was online with a decent number of keys: Apo. Totally disregarding the inconvenience it would cause for Apo, I asked whether I could borrow 30 keys in exchange for one of my higher value unusuals as insurance. Apo was more than kind enough to supply me with what I needed, and with the promise to repay him in 2 weeks SHARP, the loan was struck. The ending to this story should have been, I pay him back, thank him for his help with a modest tip, and move on to the next stage of trading. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened at all. With constantly being on trade hold and having to wait 7 days for new keys from scm, the loan kept on dragging on and on and on. How long did it go on for exactly? Well I’ll tell you right now: give or take, for an entire ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ year. Yup you heard me right, I was overdue to pay Apo for a YEAR, in which at any point could Apo have sold my unusual to a bot and made an EASY profit. Knowing that my unusual was important to me though, Apo held onto it. Apo is by far the most patient and forgiving person I have ever met. There was a time when I literally disappeared from steam after taking an extended break, and went offline for a total of almost three months. Keep in mind, Apo had already waited 7 months or so by now to get his keys back. When I finally logged back into my steam account for the first time in forever, I had completely accepted the fact that my unusual had been sold by Apo, and his debt repaid. After all, I had literally abandoned steam, with no message whatsoever. But no. I return to find a message saying: “hey, it’s been a while since you logged in again, and I’m sorry but I’m going to have to sell your unusual by July 31st, 2018, if you can’t pay me back by then. -Apo.” Knowing that I still had my unusual literally changed my tf2 experience forever. In fact, there was a very good chance that I wouldn’t have even returned to trading scene if it wasn’t for Apo . Seriously, thank you, and I’m sorry for making you wait for so long buddy :3

FuFu-Chan: (Bored1211): I added him to berate his terrible trade offer. I ended up finding one of my closest friends here on steam. A few months back, I traded a few inexpensive items in exchange for his smoking casemaker, on the agreement that I would upgrade his casemaker when returning his items. It was then when I experienced the beauty of the casemaker first hand. Inspired by dlhørn, I eventually picked up a scorching casemaker, and we were to be casemaker buddies. Fast forward two months however, and FuFu-Chan still hadn’t gotten his casemaker back. Constantly pushing my own trading agenda, I put profits over helping out my friend. During this time, FuFu-Chan had been drifting towards playing other games, and eventually he realized that he was getting a lot more enjoyment than when playing tf2. On the day of Christmas, FuFu-Chan announced he would be quitting tf2, and despite having never followed through with my promise FuFu-Chan gifted me the remainder of his inventory, in hopes that I would someday reach a pan. It is thanks to him that I decided not to settle for my favorite unusuals, and go for a pan, a feat I thought would have been impossible.

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Moxee Aug 9 @ 8:26am 
once a legend still a legend
Zoskapai Oct 16, 2021 @ 5:10pm 
I ♥♥♥♥ you not, everytime I see the number "34" wherever I go, my thoughts goes out to you and I just pray that youre doing well. Love you bud!
freaky swag butts Apr 27, 2021 @ 4:04pm 
oop i see you i see you adding new people
freaky swag butts Apr 19, 2021 @ 9:59pm 
baby come back
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you are ♥♥♥♥ lol
Pope Abibe Dec 6, 2020 @ 11:10pm 
Still a legend in my heart :heart_abs: