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There is a lot to say about Starbound . Currently I've clocked in over 300 hours,and will continue to gain more hours. I've still yet to have finished the game do to the fact that I have a habit of changing characters constantly,but that's besides the point.

One of the first things that stood out to me when I saw this game on the steam market was the simple fact that it was a Sci-fi game which allowed you to go planet to planet. If you're a huge Sci-fi or Astronomy nerd like myself(Or if you just absolutely LOVE space in general)then this is most certainly a game you may enjoy and should consider trying out. Of course being a video game,it's not like the planets are all realistic,however the concept itself of being in a massive open universe with the ability to transfer to planet to planet,gather resources and go to the next,or even set up shop on a foreign world is a concept that makes me super giddy. This is one of the reasons I first got into the game. But beyond that,even if you are not much of a fan of sci-fi or much of a nerd for astronomy you still have many things within the game that may appeal to you. If you're a big fan of open worlds and adventure this game will definitely satisfy. There is a massive universe created through procedural generation with multiple planet types, with variation among planets of the same type, different types of stars(But don't expect the star types to match reality)which typically have specific planet types that orbit them. Every planet(Except for barren planets)have their own generated structures such as houses,colonies,bases,etc. If you like progression as well as adventure,note that in order to visit certain planets you must have certain prerequisites before visiting. For planets that are too hot, too cold, too radioactive , or moons which don't have breathable air. And for those who're big fans of RPGs, and lore, you'll love the fact that you can create your own character with different races to choose from and some options to choose from for their appearance, though the one downside is that you won't be able to have your own custom ship. The ship designs are based on the race you choose. Over time your ship will get bigger as you upgrade it. So mainly,this game is a Sci-fi,RPG adventure game. It's also full of crafting tables. If you're a fan of Terraria,you may indeed be a fan of this game.

Now lets talk about specific qualities of the game.
1.Atmosphere: One of the things that has amazed me is the world building the developers have been able to do. The environments are absolutely beautiful,from lush planets familiar to Earth's green environments,hot sandy deserts,all the way to dark,cold,but beautiful planets. The backgrounds,as well as the rising/setting sun and landscapes are beautiful,and in combination with the beautiful music which can really make you feel immersed or relaxed makes the atmosphere very satisfying.
2.Combat: The game includes multiple weapon types as well as race stats that makes certain weapons better for use. Weapons can be one or two handed,and include things like knives,swords,hammers,maces,quarter staffs,magical weapons,handguns,machine guns,machine pistols,shotguns,rocket launchers and I'm pretty sure their is more. You also have a wide range of different people and monsters to fight,and often times many monsters will leave you in shock when you see the types of abilities they may. The combat is very varied,making each new planet type you visit a new experience making you learn what monsters are present and what sorts of abilities you have to worry about. There's also an energy system meaning certain weapons like guns,or special abilities you use for weapons require energy points which do recharge easily and your amount can increase based off different upgrades,new armor,or augments(Which you can add to specific things you wear)which increase the amount of energy you have.
3.Story: I won't say much about this considering I don't want to spoil anything,but basically the story is very structured,detailed,and isn't overly simplistic. It's a very creative story,and I love it. It's much different that most I've seen.
4.Progression: The progression isn't too "grindy" ,nor is it too long,but it's also not too simple. You'll definitely experience a decent amount of time getting new weapons,tech,tables,upgrading tables,upgrading your ships,getting new armor,etc.
5.Modding community: The steam workshop is active and running smoothly among the Starbound community. If you're to play this game,two mods I highly recommend are Fracking Universe,and Elithian races. The first one is a major overhaul,adding multiple new things to craft,mechanics,planet types,star types,creatures,and more. As for Elithian races,it does the same but on a lesser extent,however it adds new races and lore.

Overall,I'd say this is an amazing game. I feel like maybe I did not cover enough detail however I shouldn't reveal too much information as a potential player may want to learn that later on as they play the game.
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