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I think the combo here of dungeoneering and running a shop is well done. While the shop is fairly easy to run and there's nothing that can go wrong it's still is rewarding seeing your dungeon runs pay off. At the same time the dungeon is fun, full of interesting enemies, and always feels different. There are so many different rooms! It's not a walk in the park either. Especially the bosses which you will want to make sure to pack some health pots for.

It's impossible not to compare Moonlighter to Recettear. Moonlighter isn't exactly the same but has a similar feeling. The shop is missing the pressure mechanic of making enough money to continue but the dungeons are so much more fun and exciting. I do recommend this to people who liked Recettear. This is the closest to capture that game I've seen yet.

A solid single player experience that's a lot of fun. Exactly what I want, something long enough that goes 100% the entire time.

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