Overlord Lettuce
Milo S.   Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
Yo I am Milo S. (Overlord Lettuce)
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Workshop contributor and co-author of (currently) 6 items in the game: Team Fortress 2
I don't really have a specialization, but I've had relative experience making: concept-art, models, textures, war-paints and friends :steamhappy:

Please scroll down and have a look at all my (and my far more talented co-creators') creations. Afterwards, if you happen to like my work, mind subscribing, following, liking,... me on the following social media channels:

Here is my deviantart page I do nothing with: :balloonicorn: [www.deviantart.com]
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And and my youtube page I'dd love to do something with in the future: :balloonicorn:
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Workshop Showcase
"For all your auto aiming needs on the go, a few quick twists and he's ready to kill!"

- Paintable
- Jiggleboned key
- 2 Styles

FiveEyes: Model, Jigglebones
Pie_Savy: Texture,UV
Hotrod: Promos
Overlord Lettuce: Concept
51,565 ratings
Status - Accepted for Game, Created by - Pie_Savvy, Hotrod, FiveEyes, and Overlord Lettuce
Artwork Showcase
Red Merc
Y'vvel Jan 18 @ 5:45pm 
got any tips about using the sticker functionality with the warpaints on tf2?
Custom hope Jan 16 @ 10:44pm 
thank you for making a pybro and engie hat i love it
✪ Tap-chan ✪ Jan 15 @ 8:48am 
we need YOU in my friend list :cozyjunimogreen:
taztazlaz Jan 14 @ 3:29am 
just to be friends :)
Mokky Dec 24, 2020 @ 8:11am 
Merry Christmas! :tobdog:
marc Nov 3, 2020 @ 11:04pm 
I like the red version of organically hellraised, but man why did you make the blue version green. It wouldve looked so much better blue