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Posted: Sep 27, 2019 @ 11:43pm
Updated: Sep 27, 2019 @ 11:45pm

a real shotgun into your toe.

1. when i create a handle for a new game, it does ask me to input any arbitrary password. though i'm aware this is just a game, i choose to generate a random password with 10 characters of lower, upper, and number. then within the next minute, the game show me its fictional email whose show my password in the email... well, this design is very security vulnerable in the real word-- the employee of the server can see everyone's password who registered to their site --and might lead us, the player, to think that it's OK to receive this kind of email with password when register to some online services.

2. try to overlook the fist issue and create a simple password with pen and paper that i feel acceptable to take a look at (because in reality i NEVER write down and take a look at my password)... seems like there's no option to just change password...

3. give up the idea and try to delete the handle (in game "retire" option), the game won't delete that handle for me..?

4. create a new handle, this time i just alternate my fingers on homerow "fjdksla;" for the password. at later point in the tutorial, the server won't let me in with this password (just because it contain semicolon!!)

5. abandon all hope on the password and try to go on with game's tutorial (just wanna play it now), reading the tutorial for too long makes me miss missions (virtual online posted assignments)...

6. move so called "program" around my "memory", and then delete some programs, now i can do nothing because basically the virtual OS is stupid enough to know nothing about simple OS operation such as copy files and prevent deletion of important files/programs.

yes, shoot your toe as much as you want by playing this game, and don't forget to shoot your toe in the real world too.
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