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Worth a playthrough without spoiling yourself, but I doubt it's hardly worth to 100% without a walkthrough. Since you can kept almost all the important details on the case in your head (assuming that you try to complete it in 1 sitting). But the game doesn't provide any convenience tools for small details AT ALL, no in-game notepad, no timeline, no photo, no sticky node. The only thing the game provided is an ability to store as many videos as you like, but rearranging stored videos around is super inconvenient to the point that it is impossible to sort them chronologically, which is a wasted potential. (And yes, I dig the game's folder for sorted videos.)

Not a bad game though, would recommend to anyone who love solving puzzle, or playing detective. I love a eureka moment that this game has offered. Also kudos to Viva Seifert, the actress who's bring her to life!
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